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I'm the 3rd owner of the vehicle. A friend had the car in his garage and thought since he is no longer using it and it's just using parking space, he asked if I wanted it. I said maybe; that's when I didn't know anything about MB, let alone the 190E. When I went to visit him one summer, long drive, I wasn't even thinking about the car and he showed it to me anyway. Upon seeing the car and without hesitation, and not knowing the condition of the car, I said I'll take it. It had two flat tires and a dead battery. We jumped it and about 3 cranks later, engine started. Took it home on a 5 hour drive and immediately, the car started to hint it was neglected for a long time; the front end hops up and down on the slightest bump on the road. So, there starts my MB journey.
1991 Mercedes-Benz



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