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Just purchased my first Mercedez Benz. It was one of my clients cars from Canada and it's been garage kept so it seems to be in pretty good condition - for a 24 year old automobile that is. Body 99%, engine and transmission seems to run like a sewing machine. That being said, anything that moves needs a bit of TLC. A couple windows don't work, the sunroof sticks when it's cold, the door locks are slow and it needs a damn good cleaning inside. The outside is nice with only one very minor garag wall scrape on the fender wall. The dash lights don't work so I pulled the instrument cluster, but haven't looked at it yet. It has 90,000 kilometers on the odometer. All the gauges work and the interior, apart from needing a good cleaning is pristine with the exception of the instrument cluster looking like it has some kind of fungus or mold on the black plastic instrument surrounds. I have it in the warehouse and am ready to begin the process of bringing her back to like new status. I just have to wait until the season is over to have some free time to begin my work. I live in South Florida and own a limousine business so at present I have no life. All in due time I guess.
1992 Mercedes-Benz 300e (Silver)



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