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General Information

Purchased the car 1.5 years ago, from an Individual who got it from a MB Dealer as a Certified Car.
I named the C63 AMG - *Laura*

As a Disabled Veteran and having to retire in 2005 from my Job at Blue Cross in Pittsburgh, PA.

Since then, as my back allows me, I have cleaned the engine bay, pulled off all the wheels and cleaned each one to New Condition.

I am trying to restore anything that shows wear and tear, from the cars life in Texas, where the guy I bought it from Purchase it w/5Kmiles on it.

Shut down the the Traction Control and she breaking loose the rear end going 75 - 80 Down the Highway. This was the reason I was looking into a rear wing That I never installed but truly wanted the Down Force it would provide. I should have installed it, but on a 4 door something wasn't right.
2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (Silver)


K&N Air Filters
Ordered LT Headers from MHP
ECU Tune from MHP
Engine Bay clean enough to eat off it.

At one point I found a gas station that sold Turbo Blue Racing Fuel w/ 115 octane. Shut down the the Traction Control and she's is breaking loose the rear end going 75 - 80 Down the Highway.
Interior is a Light Cream, The Bolsters on each side are to narrow unless you a 5'4" and weigh 125 Lbs. I want to find an upholstery Shop that can Modify the front seats to fit my body

I have cleaned all the interior, and moisturizer for the leather.
Buffed and Polished every sq. Inch of the car.
I am in the process of cleanig the exterior of the exhaust Pipes all the way back to the connection pint.
Considering ordering the rear DTM Wide wheel housing and mounting 315's in the rear.
Ordered H&R Springs to install this next Coming Spring It will lower all four corners be at lease 1.25 to 1.5"
Wheel and Tire
I have one rear 19" Mandrus wheel on order. Not sure which wheels I Like the best, if anyone has a suggestion for a good looking wheel with a Polished LIP let me know These wheels I believe only go as wide 9.5 or 10.

With what I have done on the car so far, it just tears through tires.



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