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C350 4matic AMG kit
AMG kit
Typical "lucky" situation, I guess! Was at my hyundai dealer having my Santa Fe 2011 Sport being serviced again and I kinda think that that was when I really had my fill of american tacked on plastic (Santa fe made in Georgia).
I headed over yonder there a little and a beautiful symbol caught my eye. The Mercedes Benz logo.
As you see in Canada, especially in the province of Quebec. All or most automobile manufacturers are centrally located and within close distance to one another. Making the car shopping experience both user-friendly and/or rather possibly expensive. I was faced with a sudden dilemma. I sat in it! Accompanied by my wife who didn't even dare look at it because she thought it was out of reach. Oh, yeah, this is nice. Do I dare meander to what was considered to me of being a car for the elite, the "savoir faire" of the upper-crust community? Like I said, "I sat in it".
didn't even take it for a test ride. After all, all of my previous vehicles were american bred including the Hyundai's as they were fabricated in the US. Sorry to all of you out there who may take offence to my experiences with that brand but I have purchased 4 Hyundai's in my lifetime, none of which gave me that, "Oh, Yeah"!
I was hooked. Told the dealer lets do this and away I went.
2011 Mercedes-Benz C350 4matic AMG kit (white)


Low riding AMG sports suspension
This C350 is loaded. I could not find an other option available!
Very powerful and head-turning as well!
You gotta love it!!



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