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General Information

744 briliant silver
Nothing (Basic)
Bought new in Germany by A man. He brought it to Sweden 1996 where he sold it to dealership later on in 2013.
Later on purchased by a elder women who could not drive the car during Winter(cause: no ESP) sold it to a dealership in 2013.
Bought by a man named Erki Käkkula who sold it to a unknowingly me 2014 cause: Faulty harness and leaking head(my opinion)
He claimed that it was because it was spring again and time to get backup one the bike . He bought a car every year in the fall, to sell it in the spring. Because then, the car value wouldn't drop. Yes, he had owned a lot of cars so I took his story in guarantee.

Now am I trying to renovate it.
Take care of the rust
Cange interior and customize it
Get Winter Wheels back to alu from steel rims
Get a updated engine harness
Fix the Head gasket
Go thru the whole car piece by piece. Again!
1994 Mercedes-Benz c280 (744 briliant silver)


M104 (193HP)

Picture on the way as soon as spring comes along :P

Update: It has been a couple of springs now but in some way I always seem to forget to take a picture of the motorboat lol
Center console panels in piano black (poor pictures).
I am now looking for a complete leather interior (light grey)
In the end most of the trim is supose to be piano black.

For now its a "Biltema" interior in it (

You can also see my Dashcam (Lucas LK9750) in piture 3.

Black tetris interior
Power windows all around
Power mirrors, heated
Electric sunroof
Electric folding of rear neck rests
Heated rear window
C-lock button center console

Update: No leather here, going with original interior. I have bought new interior door trim panels but not 100% if I am going to paint them.
Wind deflectors (Installation after Winter (not a oem part)) for all door windows and sunroof.
Tinted rear lights, I wanted to keep the original orange glass so I choose to tint them instead of buying the facelift ones.

Update: I still have doubts about the deflectors since they are glued, but rather glued then screwed in to place. I still worry if they will damage the paint.
Audio 10 + cd changer
Cd-holder center concole (fisher box)

The previous owner rip the CD-player+CD-changer+cable out, that gave me the chance to reinstall/upgrade :P

Audio10: A170 820 0386
Cd- changer: A 002 820 5989
Cabele cd changer: A202 440 6538/ from a w140 500 SEL

Update: The CD- changer didn't work, my mechanic promised me that I could buy his. Unfortunate did he loose his garage so all his car stuff is laying in unmarked boxes (had to leave in a hurry) so that is put on ice aswel.
Wheel and Tire
Alu Wheels 8holes W/S I in the other hand does not have the Winter ones because the previous owner took em aswell :P Are not sure if I am going to go with Another set of em (stay with original) or others?



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