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SLK 230
Barillo Red
April 2015 purchased replacement SLK 230 from Mercedes Benz Omaha. Car is one previous owner. I've put 1,500 miles on it in a week and very pleased with the car. It is equipped nearly identically to my earlier SLK 230. Manual transmission, 6 disk CD changer are big items to me. I just don't get why anyone would order a 2 seater roadster with an automatic transmission?

Omaha is a 500 plus mile trip, I picked the car up at the dealership in the evening and drove another 300 miles into Iowa to visit a couple of my grandsons and show off the new car. In the morning I lowered the top to show the boys (its a transformer to them) and the top would not retract. The windows drop and the trunk moves into position but nada on the top, apart from some alarming noises from the hydraulics. The car was an as is...but I called the dealership anyway and my sales person, Ashley, arranged an appointment to evaluate the problem on my return through Omaha the following week. In the meantime my son found a thread on the forum about this problem and one of the, "fixes", hammering the right front corner with your fist actually worked!.
At Mercedes Benz Omaha the following week I meet my service adviser, Michelle. I'm expecting a 30 minute computer diagnostic evaluation producing a printout of my issues. There is no Mercedes dealership in Wyoming and I wanted the printout for my mechanic...who specializes in Volvos. Half hour into it Michelle tracks me down in the customer lounge to tell me the mechanic is getting into the mechanism deeper and it will take 2 to 3 hours? Alarm bells go off, I have no intention of investing an additional couple of K$ on this problem. She assures me my evaluation includes this additional work.
Couple of hours later the young man who picked me up at the rental car shop in Council Bluffs the week before finds me in the parking lot contemplating my lunch options on the Ipad. He tells me Michelle is looking for me. On returning to the service area I find my car, freshly washed, back in the que. Michelle tells me, "all done", with big smile. Mechanic and Michelle are there and want me to try it out. The roof retraction is smoother and quieter than my previous SLK ever was. Seems the mechanism had some debris issues and a good cleaning fixed the problem. I go to pay up and discover that 2 and 1/2 hours of mechanic shop time has been taken care of by Sales. It seems at Mercedes Benz Omaha you may have an as is car, but the dealership doesn't send customers off the lot knowingly with such a problem. I recommend this dealership, from my experience they are straight shooters who take pride in their work.
2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 (Barillo Red)



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