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FF 427, CSX 3045 427 S/C, ERA 289 'Slab Side'
I've had three Cobras, two were replicas (Silver Factory Five 427 and Burgundy ERA slab side 289) and one was an original. The blue Cobra, my first, was the real deal (CSX 3045). The picture of it shows how it looks today after a very professional and likely costly restoration by its current owner. CSX 3045 today looks much better than when Shelby screwed it together or when I had it (I was the third owner). The 'garage image' of the silver Cobra was my most recent Cobra. Deep down inside (regardless of how totally impractical, uncomfortable, loud and dangerous those Cobra's were) - I [still] miss them.
I've also had two 'Almost Cobra's' ('67 Sunbeam MK II 289 Tiger and a 1965 Griffith model 400 289 TVR) that I stuck below in the exterior block.
1965 FF 427, CSX 3045 427 S/C, ERA 289 'Slab Side' Cobra (Grey/Black)


Poked and stroked 1965 side oiler 427 Ford big block with twin 600 Holley's. The silver Cobra had about 470 HP at the wheels. Its engine was built by Joe LePine of Danbury Competition Engines. CSX 3045 used a single Holley 780 CFM 4 barrel and was rated at 425 HP (Ha!). The 289 (271 HP) Cobra used a 600 Holly. As a fun driver the small block 289 was the best of the bunch.
Be careful stepping out of a big block Cobra because if you're wearing shorts and not paying attention to those wonderful sounding side pipes they'll fry your shin before you can even yell! Cobra drivers refer to the scar it leaves as 'Snake Bite'.
The two replicas were built to look as close to the original cars they paid tribute to.

The Tiger and TVR are pictured.
As mentioned above there were two very large side pipes .............................

The passenger seat was affectionately referred to as 'The Scream Seat'.
Pretty much the same as the originals. Almost everything except the frame and body of an original AC Shelby Cobra didn't come from AC Bristol (Jag rear, MG steering rack, Ford engines and transmissions, Austin Healy windshields - talk about kit cars!).
Wheel and Tire
Same as the originals. The Goodyear 'bill board' race tires for the CSX car stayed in the garage.



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