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General Information

C200 Kompressor
Mercedes C-Class AvantGarde SE (2005)
C200 Kompressor 1.8L

vin= WDC2030422R179807
type= W203: 203.042
engine= M271: 271940-30-513713
trans= 5-Speed Auto 722.6nn: 722695-05-743409
2005 Mercedes-Benz C200 Kompressor (Silver)


2017-11 replaced Battery BOSCH Silver (S5013) 12V 100AH 190x175x353 £129.99 6yr-War

2018-05 replaced Oxygen Sensor (lambda sensor) MB OEM: 0 258 006 475, bank 1, sensor 2 (downstream). and fitted new BOSCH Lambda Sensor 0258006475 (at rrp £85.91 not cheap!)

fyi: I use an iCarsoft i980 ODB2 Reader, I thought it obvious with such a low voltage reading to bank 1, sensor 2 (see attached piccy from when the engine running and the i980 line-graphs of both bank 1's O2 sensors, overlaid, sensor 2 a meagre 0.6v vs sensor 1.527v)
bank1 sensor2 = O2 Sensor downstream from the Cat, this 'cause as was showing dash-light and DTC P0171.


following replacing the O2 sensor, dash light is now back on this time with DTC P2029 so i'm now looking at the Breather Hose Partial Load Crankcase Ventilation
New interior door grab-handles snapped at the top of the handle flush with the door (as so many others before me have, so it would seem!) The rest is pretty unchanged
Just replaced the brake disks and pads all round, opted for Brembo, vented and perforated (graphics attached)

Bit the bullet on a DIY service (now 85K miles) but I didn't scrimp on the hardware! (all sourced via

0 986 628 503 BOSCH Anti-Bac Filter Interior £16.82
1 987 429 401 BOSCH Primary Engine Air Filter £16.01
1 457 429 261 BOSCH Oil Filter £8.61
Mobil1 0w40 New Life Synthetic 5L + 1L £51.95
NGK Spark Plug 16mm Iridium (£7.57ea) £30.04

Front P 50 045 BREMBO Brake Pad Set, Disc (axle) £21.85
Front 09.8411.1X BREMBO Brake Disc (pair) £113.42
1 987 473 070 BOSCH Warning Contact Front-Pads £5.50

Rear P 50 072 BREMBO Brake Pad Set, Disc (axle) £21.86
Rear 08.5178.3X BREMBO Brake Disc (pair) £65.04
Thou jest, I can't even bluetooth my phone!
Just replaced BOTH of the front suspension springs. The shocks were fine, but BOTH front springs hadn't coincidentally broken, BOTH snapped clean, BOTH at the same place along the spring-length, i.e. at the very top of the spring!
Wheel and Tire
When replacing the tyres I have stuck with the Conti-Sport for all but the space-saver-spare. The Kerb-Rash scrapes on the ally's are in need of some TLC



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