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Mercedes Benz
Astral Silver (repainted, original is Pearl Grey)
Not much is known about the 1st owner other than that they drove the car consistently until around 1999 in Virginia with mileage of 72,000 in February of 1999. From 1999-2012 the car was driven to about 76,000 miles and subsequently sold.

Not much is known about the 2nd owner other than that she was an older woman who lived on the east coast, where the car had been driven approximately from 76k miles to 77k miles from 2012-2021. It was then suspected to be sold to a dealer via estate sale, whom the 3rd owner then purchased the car from.

The 3rd owner was in Southern California, who owned it from 2021 to 2022 who then subsequently sold the car to me, the 4th owner due to financial constraints of restoring a car that needed more TLC than expected.

I, the 4th owner, reside in Southern California and plan on doing a rolling restoration while also applying some tasteful (in my eyes) modifications over the course of the next few years.
As the 4th owner, I had essential service done in the amount of $3,300. I plan on installing an original stereo but that is retrofitted with modern technology as well as upgrading the sound system. I plan on installing correct year wiper blades, repainting the areas around the hard top seal that are starting to peel, recarpeting the interior and trunk, polishing/replacing the chrome bits on the exterior where needed, and restoring the rims.

The car was repainted from Pearl Grey to Astral Silver at one point prior to the 3rd owner.

From 2021-2022 there was approximately $18,000 put into repairs and maintenance from the 3rd owner.

Nothing is known in regard to repairs and maintenance from the 2nd owner, but given the typical history of the car in relation to the profile of that owner, it most likely sat neglected in a garage for almost its entire life of the 2nd owner's ownership.

The 1st owner had regular maintenance as shown in the book. Otherwise, not much is known.


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Welcome to the site! It’s helpful for do-it-yourselfers and has helped me over the many years I’ve owned used MB vehicles. Nice photos!