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General Information

500 SL
Exterior 355 - Diamond Blue Metallic Interior 272
This car was imported to California, the San Francisco Bay area to be precise, and had one owner before the car has handed down to a son who drove the car for a few years. The car was then sold to an owner in Austin Texas ( who added Euro headlights and replaced the 4-Speed Automatic with a 4 Speed Manual out of a 350 SL.

The interior is a decent shape thanks to the care of the previous enthusiast owner TXPaddler. Exterior has some dings, scratches and the right rear fender wheel well was pushed in slightly at some point when the driver may have rubbed a garage pillar or some other less movable/immovable object.

I now have the honor and privilege and taking the car to the next level hopefully by providing some more loving care to her.
1986 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL (Exterior 355 - Diamond Blue Metallic Interior 272)


1986 500 SL with a Cat. According to Automobile Catalog it had 220hp from the factory (

Car has been fitted with a 350 SL 4 Speed Manual Transmission. The transmission appears to be functioning fairly well, but I don't have other MB driving experiences of the same era to which I can compare.
The leather on the seats is in good shape and I've got a Leatherique treatment on the horizon. Carpet is decent as well with no odd smells. A few cracks in the dash from some recent baking in the Texas sun. (Not sure why the pic is upside down but will sort that later)
Looks good in the pictures. The Diamond Blue on a clear day with blue sky is an eye catcher.
Pioneer after market stereo and rear speakers.
Wheel and Tire
Some W124 wheels replace the factory 16 hole wheels.



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