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SL 500
Found at the end of a long search...a car in distress looking for a home. Flat tire, busted 3rd brake light, inoperable boot release, crapped out ABC system, inoperable convertible roof, Christmas tree lights on the dash....I had to have her!

Things that I’ve done:
• Disassembled and fixed a frozen vacuum pump PSE, (it had been sitting for a long time and the rotor was stuck in the casing, again disassembly, cleaning…)
• Disassembled and resealed the ABC pump…. Yeah I busted it open and replaced all of the seals. Not pleasant!
• Flushed the ABC and replaced the filter ….. (should have done that first thing)
• Disassembled and resealed the front ABC valve block.
• Disassembled and fixed the mechanical trunk release and key cylinder. (key was really tough to turn as the material must have swelled)
• Repaired the wire to the drivers front ABS sensor (a squirrel chewed it in half)
• Resealed the 3 vario lock cylinders (I’ll bet those are the ones you needed to deal with?)
• Replaced the 3rd brake light. (If you need to get into the trunk and you have no option, punching out this light will allow access to the rod that releases the latch…. Previous owners work, not mine)
• Disassembled and fixed a frozen trunk flap actuating motor (when the brake light was out water ran inside and soaked the motor, it was rusted up and unable to operate, disassembly, cleaning and lube, good as new)
• Secured the loose fuel tank baffle. (Golf balls in the fuel tank sound)
• Removed the Tele-aid and phone components from the fiber optic ring… (We have tunes now!)
• Replaced the polarizing filters on the LCD screens in the instrument cluster

You may see a theme here!
2004 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (Black)



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