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General Information

Dark Blue
I bought this vehicle for $1,800 from a small used car dealer. It is exactly what I paid for. Besides needing to wear a poncho when I drive in the rain, the interior is cracked but works for the most part. I recently put two new tires on the rear as they were about to blow. I have changed the fuel filter myself and recently changed the engine wiring harness. The car has 184,000 miles although I have put another 30,000 on it with the odometer being broken. I ran one tank of 87 octane when I first bought it, but since then have run only premium. When changing the engine wiring harness, I also reordered the wires going from the spark plugs to the distributor cap as they were in the wrong locations (i.e. wire 8 was on plug 4, wire 7 was on plug 2, etc.). The vacuum hoses are hard as a rock and prone to breaking. I had a new battery installed as the previous one was bad. The silver strip fuse for the blower motor was broken, so I put some copper wire in there as a quick fix. The sunroof does not work as well as the rear passenger side window.
1992 Mercedes-Benz 400E (Dark Blue)


The engine is a V8 gasoline. The pictures attached are from when I was undoing the wiring harness as a record of where stuff went.
The car has an aftermarket radio.
Wheel and Tire
The car came with chrome wheels. WooHoo!



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