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Backup sensor, Distronic Brakes, Laser deletion grid
I bought the car January of 2018. I went from a 2000 Mustang that I had purchased in 01. I sold that car in 2014 and bought a 2002 Lincoln Continental. I figured I was getting older and the Mustang was a COP Magnet. The lincoln had more power then the stang, nicer interior and rode like a dream. NO more cop Magnet. So one day in December of 2017 I was cruising the Marketplace on FB and ran across this nice looking S500 for what everybody considered a STEAL. It was in Euclid Ohio and it was January. I had no one else to go with me, so I became frugal in ways and booked a Greyhound. Mistake #1. Long story, but the bus only made it to Columbus. Uber'd from there to Akron, and then to Euclid. I show up and the guy has the car in this little garage. I couldn't really get a good look at the body other then to tell it wasn't wrecked. All I noticed in the low light that this BIG Mercedes was Blueish black and had some tire pressure problems. So I asked him if it was OK to start it up. He said of course and handed me the key. I started right up. But practically every single light on the dash was on. ABS, Air ride, Check engine was just a few. Mistake #2. I should have quit then. NO plates on the car. Supposedly it was a friends car that owed him some money. At least that was the story he was telling me. The title was in his name and already notarized. Never had it plated in his name. So I drove the car out of the driveway onto the street and drove it around the block. So at this point the guy has me over a barrel. a greyhound ticket and about 250.00 in Uber's. I figured it was gonna cost me 350 to get back home. I offered him about 1/3 of what he originally started the vehicle at because of the problems with the vehicle. I was pissed and I point blank told him I was gonna "Make a phone call and get out of his HOOD, or he could accept my LOW ball offer." He said "We are brother's you need a car it's yours" I thought to my self OH CHRIST, what have I gotten myself into. mistake #3. I paid him, shook hands and was off. It has been a GREAT CAR ever since. Some of the lights(ABS Trac-control and Airmatic) in the dash went away when I leveled out the air in the tires. The check engine light was on for the EGR. I have yet to mention THE RUST. Left it out because when I'm inside the car and driving it, I'm honestly in another world and don't see any of the rust. NOT FINISHED YET, will return shortly!
2002 Mercedes-Benz S500 (Blue)


K&N air filter
Dog seat belt for my CRAZY Siberian Husky named Anakin, AKA Houdini
None as of yet. Looking for bolt on parts like Doors and fenders without RUST
Head unit:
Pioneer avh601-ex

2 12" Alpine Type R's
AMT tweeters(front stage)
7" dayton reference(Front stage)
Infinity kappa 20mx(front stage
Alpine type r components(rear fill)

alpine 75x4
audiopipe 3k wattx1
Kicker 350.4
MTX ta3202
Wheel and Tire
bone stock



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