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735 astral silver & 7177 cladding
All original Mercedes parts
3 owner vehicle with OEM window sticker. Now 164000 miles. Bought for 5000$ in 2009 with 94000 miles as project child. Solid body. No rust. Extra clean interior. No mechanic has touched this car since I bought it.
1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SL-24V (735 silver)


M104 300SL-24V with 5-speed automatic 722.5 transmission.
New head gasket at 112,000 miles.
Overhauled/exchanged intake manifold, rubber parts, all vacuum parts and seals and renewed all fuel/ignition system related items incl. the fuel distributor over a 10-year time period. Found a complete brand new fuel injection system for $800. New used transmission and driveshaft bushings installed in 2020. All repairs DIY!
1999 Mercedes burlwood SL500/SLK sport steering wheel, cupholder and aftermarket burlwood shifter knob. Installed OEM Mercedes seat heaters with R129 switches and new leather seat covers.
Installed 600SL OEM new burlwood center console and burlwood rollers and new lid.
New paint-job (total scrub down) in 2020 in original colors perfectly matching the hardtop (Very difficult on metallic silver) Chrome tips on the muffler. Excellent condition hardtop. Replaced the softtop in 2016 with black German canvas myself. Silver arrow wind-deflector.

Exchanged orange front blinkers for R129 99 clear US-version. False licence plate used for pictures.
Becker 1480 modified with Aux-in cable. Added two R129 rear Bose speakers from the 99 model with wiring and a fader switch (from W124) in front console. Added a 10 disc FM-modulated CD-changer in the right rear storage compartment with wired remote and aux-in connector hidden behind the center console compartment.
Installed Euro spec German R129 headlights in 2018
New oxygen sensor and total rust removal including high temp exhaust paint front to rear in 2020 during tranny change.
Mercedes AMG pedal set. New front and rear shocks/struts & strut mounts at 135,000 miles. New steering damper and complete Lemfoerder front lower control arms at 145,000 miles. Overhauled all brakes and calipers incl. some new brake lines at the same time.
Wheel and Tire
Added 18 inch R230 wheels with 10mm spacers. Modified rear and front fender lips to be able to drive the R230 slightly wider wheel size in front and back. Still original spare. Using 16 inch Mercedes E320 rims for my winter tires. Riding on Continental Pro Contact's in the summer and Hankook Winter I-cept evo's 225/ tires I have ever driven.



1990 300SL-24V, 1999 SLK230 Sport, 2014 Ford Escape 2.0 Titanium AWD
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If you ask why all that's fun...and I can do it's my daily driver and I will keep the car and hand it down to my kids one day.

1990 300SL-24V, 1999 SLK230 Sport, 2014 Ford Escape 2.0 Titanium AWD
58 Posts
Installed a new shift knob from Istanbul.
The old one started cracking after 10 years.


You can see the CD changer controller in the small compartment.