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General Information

E300 4Matic
Indium Grey
First 200K Km were driven by first owner. She was a real estate agent that serviced the car (mostly) at the stealership.
The second owner was an employee of the Greek embassy who drove the car for just over 11,000 Km and serviced the car at an Indy.
I bought the car at 211,600 Km in September of 2016.

~214K: Changed spark and coolant thermostat.

~215K: Changed serpentine built and two idler pulleys.

~217K: Changed the right front axle boot.

~217K: Replaced battery.

~219K: Changed the oil breather, two rear engine plugs, and the vacuum pump.

~220K: Did a complete ATF exchange and replaced the transmission filter and electric connector at. I was surprised to find that the AT filter in the car was an aftermarket (made in China) but at least shows that one of the previous owners cared to change the ATF (I think it was the second owner).

~225K: Installed new oil cooler and oil filter housing gaskets, replaced the belt idler pulley, and flushed the coolant.

~226K: Changed the 4Matic differentials oil (MB Hypoid Gear Oil part no. 001 989 33 03 12). The rear differential was a breeze. The front differential was a pain in the butt.

~227K: Changed the transfer case fluid.

~228K: Replaced the two engine mounts as well as the transmission mount.

~232K: Replaced the front control arm outer bushings (part no. 2113331915).

~234K: Did a brake fluid bleeding/flush

~236K: Started using LiquiMoli with Ceratec

~239K: Replaced passenger outer tie rod (Lemforder OEM part #2203381415)

~240K: Did a complete power steering fluid flush using Pentosin CHF 11S Power Steering Fluid (MB approval 345)

Next projects in mind:
2- Fuel filter insert replacement?
2008 Mercedes-Benz E300 4Matic (Indium Grey)



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