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  1. Made in the U.S.A.

    My wife ran a catering and wedding business for 22 years. It was hard work with little reward. Imagine writing a check every year to the sum total of over 40% of your net profit to the government and state. It was disheartening to see yourself give away nearly half your earnings for the...
  2. We Are Live - Community Feedback

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    He is speaking of the cookie preferences. Click it.
  3. To the moderators

    W140 S-Class
    Moderators are powerless to do this. Post in community help forum
  4. We Are Live - Community Feedback

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    I am most troubled that they are no longer called 'private messages.' 'Conversations' implies those messages are no longer private.
  5. We Are Live - Community Feedback

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    I'll forward this thread to the Community help forum.
  6. 2004/2005 ML350/500 which is better?

    W163 M-Class
    The 350 is a 3.7 liter. Really not a huge difference from the 3.2. I had a ML430 and liked the power and have driven the ML500. If you are gas economy conscious, then get the ML350. If you want performance, get the ML500.
  7. First time poster / long time reader..

    General Mercedes-Benz
    Welcome aboard. Excuse the mess because the site is still under construction and the powers that be are still trying to find out what needs to be fixed. The site contains a wealth of information that I am sure you have already accessed to aid you in keeping your vehicles running smoothly.
  8. We Are Live - Community Feedback

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    Hey, rowdie. I'm not seeing any ads. You may have to disable sidebars in your settings:
  9. We Are Live - Community Feedback

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    At least you still have Lifetime Premium Membership. Mine was mysteriously taken away at the migration.
  10. 2000 ML430 - replacing the radiator

    W163 M-Class
    A DIY when I done mine.
  11. Want to buy this 02 S430!! Does it look right???

    W220 S-Class
    Wouldn't touch it. You could find a newer specimen with less miles for the same money.
  12. Want to buy 98-99 w163

    W163 M-Class
    I would like to add that you should stay away from pre 2001 models.
  13. 83 500Sl AMG

    General Mercedes-Benz
    First, there never was an official 83 500SL AMG. So, you could have an auto that someone added badges and bling to which, generally, detracts from it's value as an original. Mercedes didn't produce an AMG until 1988. However, before 1988, AMG acquired Mercedes autos, did their work to them and...
  14. 300se coupe no reserve. no bids yet at 7500.

    Vintage Mercedes-Benz
    Several years ago I won the no reserve bid on a 91 300SE. I attempted to contact seller for payment. No response. The bastard relisted it a week later starting for 500 less than my winning bid. When I questioned seller, he responded, Don't worry, be happy. I've never bid on an auto on ebay since.
  15. What do you want for Christmas-

    I'd settle for this: Mercedes Benz SL Class SL500 Convertible | eBay
  16. Bad news tonight....Accident!

    W163 M-Class
    It reminds me of the lady that backed her W163 off a 3rd level parking deck and lived, though she did suffer injuries. Woman survives fall from parking garage in tuner SUV Glad everyone is okay.
  17. Cuba Embargo

    It'll be the rustling of tobacco beetles eating through your stash. Look for Cuban cigar quality to return to the '90's and early 2000's. Such a dismal stretch of poor cigars like a box of '98 Punch coronas that would be better used as wooden dowels. When there is no incentive to create...
  18. 32 years and 1135 km BUEATY

    General Mercedes-Benz
    Gerkebi had a real cream puff 240D w 7500 km's at the 2010 OH NO BWGTG. It's an '81 I think and a Canadian barn find. Pics attached:
  19. How many Mercedes' have you owned?

    W163 M-Class
    4 total 1999 ML430 (sold) 2002 ML320 2006 ML350 (sold that POS) 2005 S430
  20. OPEC Cartel Busted, Shale Oil Jeopardized....

    A Gallon of 87 octane just hit $2.46 here. And 92 was $2.88. Let the freeze out begin.
1-20 of 148 Results