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  1. fukken wax user......really

    Detailing and Car Care
    Zaino has never failed me that way either
  2. Recommendations for Car Care Products

    Adam's Premium Car Care Products
    try Zaino on the web as well.
  3. Adams compared to Zaino

    Adam's Premium Car Care Products
    I have used both and Zaino gets my vote everytime. I have taken the car with both shines and Zaino always gets the nod. Thanks everyone.
  4. What happened to the "Other" forum site?

    General Mercedes-Benz
    I am getting the same internet brands site.
  5. looking for pulley and Navi system for m111 c230

    W203 C-Class
    Thanks. I am leaning toward the Pioneer avic-z1. As for the pulley, I want kleeman, but ASP seem much more resonable.
  6. Engine cold start hesitation

    W203 C-Class
    Matt, Your MAF is located in between those hoses as you have pictured above. I took mine out, very simple, and sprayed it with electrical parts cleaner spray and plugged it back in. Just be carful with the sensors on it and let in dry for at least 20 seconds before placing it back into the...
  7. looking for pulley and Navi system for m111 c230

    W203 C-Class
    If anyone has a line on either of these products. I am interested.
  8. 2002 c32 crank pulley size?

    W203 C32 AMG, C55 AMG
  9. 2002 C230K Headlight Issues!!!!!

    W203 C-Class
    Thank You.
  10. 2002 C230K Headlight Issues!!!!!

    W203 C-Class
    What's the Wiring kit part #? I think I would much rather go that route since my car is out of warranty. Thanks for the replys everyone.
  11. where can i find new lug bolts for aftermarket rims ?? txt..

    W203 C-Class
    What's the update Bro?
  12. Looking at 2002 C230K

    W203 C-Class
    I have the same year with about 20k in miles. car handles great. I have one headlight issue and some front, probably bushing squeaking. Car gets great gas mileage and is a lot funner to drive than my Mustang GT.:thumbsup:
  13. 2002 C230K Headlight Issues!!!!!

    W203 C-Class
    I have a (new to Me) C230 with about 19k miles and have gotten a malfunction on my display. Its the front lt turn signal. I figues, easy enough, I went got new bulbs and replaced both front blinker bulbs, Problem is, the problem still exists. I noticed that the light casing has water damage...
  14. Upgrade, I need More Power!!!!

    W203 C-Class
    I really want to upgrade my 2002 c230 koupe. I want an asp pulley to start, then suspension and wheel. I want more performance, though, I do not think there is a top end on that. I just want enough power to make the tires squeal.:D
  15. 2002 C230k summary

    W203 C-Class
    IS this year rare with particular issues. I have read the 2.3 is upgradable with power and the like. I am thinking of the ASP pulley and brabus exhaust. I want climatronic and navi. I have neither the CD or anything in my ride. I hae $19k in miles and the seats or something is squeaking badly.
  16. W203 C-Class Pictures Sticky

    W203 C-Class
    advans, that is a sweeeeeeet ride.
1-16 of 16 Results