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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Don Akers 3:32 PM (8 hours ago) Khomer2, I have not dropped pan or changed trany fluid. CLK230 has about 185,00...fluid looks good and clean, the owner before kept it maintained well. I don't see any trany oil change in her records. I checked it in Aug. and it was about a half quart low...
  2. I'm wanting to change fluid and filter in my Clk320 2005 trany.

    C209/A209 CLK-Class
    I'm wanting to change fluid and filter in my Clk320 2005 trany. I found some German made fluid for Benz, and wondering if I can change filter and put ten quarts?? Thanks, Don Akers.
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Khomer2, hi and hope you are well. I scanned with OBD2 and it found two codes P0705 ( rang sensor A circuit ) and P0400 ( EGR ) bought a used shift module erased codes and it worked great for a week. Went to our Daughters for Thanksgiving went to move the car for company..and guess what now no...
  4. P0705 code and I am completely frustrated!

    W203 C-Class
    I'm having kinda of the same problem. The car was given to me in Fl. we drove it home reseting trany..and this year it worked now and then..not driven much. So I bought a Ancel OBD2 and code says P0705. Took it out to try and clean, but it is I have one on the way and hopefully it...
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Khomer2, thanks for the fast reply..I have it open, and have sprayed every thing I could see. Can't see board it is all this point I have no display of gear position, so I don't know if it would be worth my time to remove and try cleaning..or just get a good used one. I will try...
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Khomer2, this is Don again...sorry for the bother, but I'm reading some post that say I have to reprogram a used shift module. I found a parts dealer in Ga. that say if it is 2 wire connection ( which it is ) in is called internal and I don't have to program it. What's your take? Thanks, Don.
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Khomer2...Thank you for the the rang sensor is in the shift module... the little cheap Ancel scanner will erase codes, I think I'll just get a used shift module on ebay $100.00. Thanks again, Don.
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Khomer2, I got the OBD2 today and here are the codes I think this is my problem P0705 Rang sensor A circuit ( is that located in the shift module )? P0400 ERG A flow and... Serial communication link P0600...? The reader has a freeze view, and I have it sored. Any help would be greatly...
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Khomer2, got one coming, it's not a high dollar one, but says it does motor and trany codes. This is a nice car and my Wife is wanting to drive I got to get it going. I will post codes soon...Thanks, Don Akers.
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    General Mercedes-Benz
    Hi everyone..I've been on every Benz site I can find..joined, posted and nobody seems to know jack. So maybe you guys might be able to help. I have a 2005 CLK320 convertible..the car was given to me by a sweet lady who died of breast cancer so I have to make it right. We drove it back to Mo...
1-10 of 10 Results