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  1. 2008 Merc CLK550 F/S

    For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    F/S 2008, CLK550, Steel Gray Metallic, Gray leather, 124k miles, PP1 package, Books records, services done, Mobil-1. This car was purchased by me from Silver Star Mercedes in Thousand Oaks, CA in 02/12. The car has been my daily driver until 2018. It is a very nice driver and is surprisingly...
  2. 500 sec koenig specials supercharged.

    W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    Cool! this will be interesting to watch. I agree with the artwork. Leave it and wrap it if you must!
  3. Murray Walker on Senna vs Prost video

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
  4. C55 AMG question

    W203 C32 AMG, C55 AMG
    I've had mine for over 4 years. Zero issues! Absolutely been bullet proof! 37k miles on it currently!
  5. Evolution of Formula One 1950-

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
    That was cool! Thanks!
  6. 2013 Melbourne GP

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
    Bravo Kimi!!!!! Alonso and Massa both did well... WoooHooo!
  7. Miami by Night in the 560SEC - Exclusive Scene

    W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    Cool video and a great looking ride!
  8. Silver C55 on Hawthorne Blvd Saturday 02/23/2013

    W203 C32 AMG, C55 AMG
    Is there anyone here that was driving a silver C55 on Hawthorne Blvd near the 405 Saturday 02/23/2013?
  9. Lotus 2013 F1 Car Launch Laser Show

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
    Very nice! Good luck Kimi!
  10. NSFW Benz-girls thread

    W204 C-Class
    Here's the thing.... If you want to keep this Mercedes pure then I suggest you remove all political threads. If this is "suppose" to be a Mercedes forum then so be it. If the Management doesn't want scantilly clad ladies on the forum I completely understand. Having said that then I have found...
  11. Post your CLK pics!

    C209/A209 CLK-Class
    2008 CLK 550 [/IMG]
  12. Awesome mechanic in thousand oaks, ventura ca

    W201 190-Class
    Good info to know! Thanks!
  13. Hello, just bought my First ///AMG W202 C43

    W202 C36 AMG, C43 AMG
    Congrats and enjoy the ride!
  14. Gymkhana Five, The Making Of Video

    AutoGuide.Com News
  15. Another Kimi Gem

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
    Yeah, no matter where Kimi is he is well worth watching! Hunt was way over the top! We need more in F1 like Kimi and James! Guten tag!
  16. Another Kimi Gem

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
    Man, Mercedes AMG GP should have grabbed him.... Kimi is too much! :D :thumbsup:
  17. CLK 500 or 550?

    C209/A209 CLK-Class
    I've got an 08 CLK550 and I was surpried how quick the car was. It's absolutely stock and I'm sure with a few mods (I'm not going to mod it) it would be quite fast.
  18. Lotus Esprit Ready for Production: Report

    AutoGuide.Com News
    Beautiful car!
  19. Ferarri cheating...

    Mercedes-Benz Motorsports & Racing
    Good tactical thinking is all!
  20. Average age of a CLK owner

    C209/A209 CLK-Class
    59 just purchased a 2008 CLK550 that sits next to my C55!
1-20 of 433 Results