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  1. ML320-Door Locks, Gas Filling, Windows, Sunroof..Has this happen to you??

    W163 M-Class
    I took my ML320 to the dealer today...My door locks have been imitating machine gun fire...My tank will only take 15 to 16 gallons of gas...My Driver side window gets oil/grease on it, every time it is lowered. The sunroof wind deflector arm broke off.<br> <br> I have owned 3 MB (C220, ML320...
  2. ML320 (W163) auto door locks pops up when ML is in motion

    W163 M-Class
    Hey guys: I have a ML320 (1998) model and the door locks (all) pops up when ML reaches 6-7 miles per hours. It is supposed to do the opposite (lock the car down but locks pops up instead). What do you think failure could be?? In addition, driver's seat does not moves bacward. You can feel and...
  3. door locks & remote

    W163 M-Class
    [?] I have a 2000 ML320 and the door locks are acting strange. When you use the key to lock the driver's door, the passenger doors unlock. When you unlock the driver's door, the passenger doors lock. The remote flashes the lights, but will not lock the doors. I have tried both remotes, and the...
  4. Door Locks Problem

    W163 M-Class
    My door locks on my '00 ML430 are acting flaky. When doors are closed, door locks won't activate with button or remote key. I can open driver door, and the locks will work on all other doors and hatch, but not the driver door. They still act flaky even then, sometimes when I hit the lock button...
  5. Door locks malfunction

    W220 S-Class
    door locks recently stopped consistently working with remote. I have to use manual key fob key to get in (even though vanity lights have come on with remote; remote fine). Once in, switch on console doesn't work, until motor is running...-?). Are locks on a vacuum system, with soft close doors...
  6. OLD Thread Came Back " SRS & Door Locks"

    W163 M-Class
    Ok i posted a Thread somthing in mid 07 about my SRS and door Locks...well here just read it frist. Originally Posted by mayh3m Ok Benz Peep's...I need some major help with my 2002 ML320. 1st off is the SRS lights, damm thing came on after i replces the battery. The little red light is...
  7. Door Locks - Where to buy?

    W163 M-Class
    Machine Gun Locks I have read pleubners DIY on the replacement of the door locks however I have two main questions before I can go ahead with this: 1. Where can I get the entire lock mechanism for each door. 2. How do I know which mechanisms (locks) need to be replaced? Right now I have the...
  8. Door locks keep poping up

    W210 E-Class
    My door locks keep popping up whenever I take a corner really fast or when when I brake very hard. I doesn't happen all the time but it is starting to get more and more frequent. I just want to know what causes this and how can I stop it from happening.
  9. Door LockS

    W201 190-Class
    The Door locks on my 84'190d dont all lock and unlock when i hit one. Is that because of the vacuum pump? I know its located under the back seat, but if i replace that will i need new hoses, or what else is there to fix? Thanks.
  10. Door Locks Fixed - Finally !!

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    1987 300TD: My front driver's side door actuator would not signal the other locks to lock or unlock. But, the front passenger and the rear tailgate locks did signal all the locks - so I knew the vaucuum system was functioning properly - or at least capable of it, anyway. After replacing the...
  11. Door locks out of sync (not machine gun)

    W163 M-Class
    Unlike the typical machine gun locks, I have something new that I need some help with. I did search and read through the forum before posting this. On my 2001 ML320, the locks seem out of sync. If you press the central lock button, the front door and rear doors unlock or lock in opposite...
  12. Child Locks in ML320/250

    W163 M-Class
    Does ML320/350 (W163) have locks inside the rear doors as Child Locks so children sitting in back-seat cannot open the door either accidentally or otherwise. My 2003 model ML350 does not seem to have such a lock. Is it placed somewhere else, or is it absent? If absent, how do you deal with a kid...
  13. Door Locks & Vehicle Won't Start

    W163 M-Class
    I have had the door locks not working for a couple of weeks. Sounds like the same problem many ML owners have. When I press the key fob the alarm will set but the locks do not lock. I can lock the car manually and the key fob will unlock the doors. Yesterday, I stopped by my mailbox and shut...
  14. Door locks help

    W163 M-Class
    Today ALL the door locks on my 1998 ML 320 got jammed... none will open with the remote key or manually ( pushing the buttom in the middle pannel ) checked the fuses and all are fine ( even when i press the remote key the lock fuse makes a noise , put new ones and is the same ) took it to my...
  15. door locks

    W140 S-Class
    i am having problems with door locks. my car is 1993 s600 and the doors on drivers side wont open the drivers door will open from inside but when i close door it wont open from outside the door handle on the outside is immovable extremely rigid the passenger door handle moves freely from outside...
  16. Door locks do not work

    W202 C-Class
    Hi, Today my door locks stopped working. Normally when I slightly turn the key to open my front driver's/passenger's side door-- all 4 doors, trunk and gas door unlocks simultaneously. The lock and unlock button on my dash doesn't work either. I believe my locks are vacuum controlled not...
  17. ML320 doors unlock continually

    General Mercedes-Benz
    I have a 2001 ML320 and a couple weeks ago the FOB quit working so I changed the batteries and still no good. Went to the dealer, $200.00 for the key and $200.00 to program it. Figured I would wait and just lock the car manually. LOL A few minutes later the car unlocks itself and does it...
  18. One fix for door locks--learned it today.

    W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    My door locks were working fine when I took my car in for body work (somebody backed into my baby -- and drove off). :mad: Anyway, go to pick up my car and they did a phenomenal job (will post pics later). I get home, lock the door--and only the driver's side door locks--the rest don't lock...
  19. machine gun door locks

    W163 M-Class
    I recently started having issues with my 2001 ml320 doors locks. it all started when the drivers door was locked manually and the remote stopped controlling the the locking of all the doors now it has progressed to the following the drivers door mechanisms "Sounds" fine (I can hear it going up...
  20. door locks

    W163 M-Class
    Are my door locks supposed to be able to lock and unlock from the inside using the center consel button, becouse it just locks not unlocks the door i thought is was a speed related locking divice.:confused:
1-20 of 489 Results