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  1. Cl55 AMG Boot Lid Problem

    C215 CL-Class
    Its a hydraulic pump. I had my pump rebuilt. I think it was the same outfit that rebuilds the shocks for ABC suspensions. I've had to rebuild my trunk four times; 1) pump, 2) trunk pneumatic lock, 3) valet lock, 4) trunk seal. I don't even have 90k miles on my car.
  2. ABC Pump removal guide

    C215 CL-Class
    I remember these super long and straight wrenches really doing the trick on the hard to reach bits on this job.
  3. A/C Blower motor and regulator

    W220 S-Class
    Parts all came in and I put my car back together. Confirmed @mrboca current draw. Measured 24.3 amps both at the input to the regulator and the input into the blower. I measured at idle; forgot to rev the motor/alternator. I'm sure it goes to 30 at 1800 rpms. I'm still wired through the...
  4. A/C Blower motor and regulator

    W220 S-Class
    @wallyp for the win! I took apart the donor car's fuse box and lots of corrosion on the fuse blades as well as some heat scoring on the plastic. Also found a weird bit of plastic on the hot blade holder... The fuse in my car was probably mostly melted prior to the blower motor shorting out...
  5. A/C Blower motor and regulator

    W220 S-Class
    No melting fuse box with that setup! Don't want to nick the wire insulation though :eek I had a Vanagon that had a dashboard smoke up badly when some insulation rubbed off a wire. That car fused the circuits just before ground, not close to the 12volt which is more customary... and safe.
  6. A/C Blower motor and regulator

    W220 S-Class
    This shows a 10A and a 15A fuse for "Blower Motor AC" in the primary fuse box in the engine compartment which makes me feel better for the wiring in my W210 vs my w215. E Class (1996-2002) W210 Fuse Box Chart Location Designation Diagram ? MB Medic
  7. A/C Blower motor and regulator

    W220 S-Class
    What is really interesting about that in both failure modes; regulator failure and motor failure; the fuse did not open the circuit before melting. Yuck!
  8. A/C Blower motor and regulator

    W220 S-Class
    I just had the melted fuse panel failure on my CL55 W215 as @cmitch. Same wiring as W220 in this regard. I really appreciate @cmitch and @ricebubbles excellent analysis. I'm thinking about how I'm going to repair with a stock wiring path. I'd appreciate any insights. The source of the high...
  9. CL keyless entry not working

    C215 CL-Class
    BTW - My experience with keyless failures has been been cracked wires in the door wiring loom. I cutout and soldered in new thin stranded silicon wire used in remote controlled model airplanes.
  10. CL500 ABC Problems

    C215 CL-Class
    Don't agree with much on this thread. Basic troubleshooting... Mercedes Benz ABC System Troubleshooting Guide: ABC System There are four nitrogen balls (aka - accumulators, pressure reservoirs, dampers), not 3. I replaced all 4 after I bought mine which set me back $750 in parts, fluid...
  11. ABC Pump removal guide

    C215 CL-Class
    I'll add some notes to this as I just fininshed a swap of the ABC pump. Decided to get a new LUK pump since FCP Euro has a lifetime warranty. Hopefully that will keep me going next time it fails. Great pointer on the bike pump. Worked great! The bracket bolt under the exhaust is an E12...
  12. ABC/PS pump squeal

    C215 CL-Class
    Squeak repaired by ABC pump replacement. Runs silky quiet now. FCPEuro has a lifetime warranty so I sprang for a LUK pump.
  13. Anyone use James at

    R129 SL-Class
    Another option... Coil rewinding!
  14. ABC/PS pump squeal

    C215 CL-Class
    31K... I hope that is in miles, not kilometers! Going through the records on my car, its at 80K miles and the original pump was swapped at the dealer at 45K, so this one probably has 35K on it. I've had the car since 77K miles and found two dead pressure accumulators so I swapped all four out...
  15. ABC/PS pump squeal

    C215 CL-Class
    I've been de-squeaking my CL55 over the last few months (tensioners, belts, pullies) and still have a loud squeak when the motor is cold. It goes away when warm. I listened to each part through a rolled up cereal box expecting to find the harmonic balancer was shot but instead it appears to be...
  16. Photo DIY- Rear Engine/Transmission Mount Replacement

    W140 S-Class
    Just did my W210 and W215. For the CL55, you'll need a swivel 16mm or a swivel 3/8" adapter for a 16mm socket due to the exhaust. The E320 is a straight shot with straight socket extensions. I like to clean the threads before reassembly so you'll need a 10x1.5mm and an 8x1.25mm tap/die if you...

    W210 E-Class
    I just installed the spool looking bushing, no bevels, in the side of my transmission on my W215. The Febi part sold by AutohausAZ for 2109920010 is soft enough to press in with one finger. The part is so soft that without lube on the inner bushing surface, reinstalling the shift rod will push...
  18. Broken links

    Community Help
    Is this fixed? I'm getting the home page when hitting email links using iOS.
  19. ABC valve cleaning DIY

    R230 SL-Class
    Sounds good - I had all the system open to replace the accumulators and valve block o-rings. Both front accumulators blew and the fluid looked nasty. I'll skip the rebuild on the front axle.
  20. ABC delete!

    C215 CL-Class
    I'll take them and your valve bodies if you are removing those. I PM'd you.
1-20 of 117 Results