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  1. America Is Not a Democracy

    Iceland has a population of under 350,000, or a small city, or about 1/900 of the US. Every large country is run by a deep state of vested interests, landed gentry, corrupt businessmen, or other elusive people who shun the limelight. They're like the huge portion of an iceberg hidden below the...
  2. Britain today

    From today's Private Eye..
  3. R350 - Probably Applies to Other Models Too Though - Front Wheel Bearings, Suspension Ball Joints and Lower Control Arm Bushings

    General Mercedes-Benz
    About to spend the weekend hopefully replacing the above. Plan A is to either buy a bearing puller or to use some threaded rod and nuts and some big sockets to jerry-rig my own puller for the bearings and bushings, ball joint splitter of the "whack it and hope for the best" sort for the ball...
  4. America Is Not a Democracy

    Read Animal Farm and get back to me.
  5. 350 R for the wife

    W251 R-Class
    Just remember there ain't no such thing as a cheap Mercedes. At that mileage I would get the front suspension, MAFs and catalysts thoroughly checked out and if it's still on air springs haggle the price of a coil spring conversion off the price.
  6. Sleeping in a long wheelbase R class

    W251 R-Class
    I got a 7ft tall tool cabinet in mine... Wish they'd be around in my youth... Perfect shaggin wagin :devilish:
  7. The official obituary thread

    ^ Must have been VERY old then...
  8. 2012 R350 4Matic Nasty Front Suspension Noises

    W251 R-Class
    These have been getting a LOT worse in the last few days and I've ordered new wheel bearings (needed doing anyway), lower control arm bushes x 4 and ball joints x 2. Noise sounds like a series of loud pops and bangs when accelerating gently or slowly going up a steep grade like the entrance...
  9. Britain today

    Still not biting but be prepared for a large helping of Frey Bentos Crow Pie GT...
  10. Things i learned about Boston

    I've been f#÷king one American for the last 17 years... And with you lot for about six. 8. USS Constitution is only a 44 gunner, 22 guns per side and her crews were drilled to 2 rounds a minute. She never went toe with a RN first rate ship of the line (100+ guns, 50+ per side and 3 rounds per...
  11. America Is Not a Democracy

    NO democracy on this planet even comes close to "true" democracy. It's an impossible goal. All we plebs can do is respond to the "bread and circuses" thrown at us, decide whose bread and whose circus we prefer.
  12. The official car thread

    Didn't manage to get aphooto because I was driving, but outside of Woodstock (yeah that Woostock, man...). Model A Ford with fourskeletons inside. Hippies who never made it home?
  13. Some say Shane's not a drinking man..

    But if he was...
  14. Dyson scraps EV plans

    Off Topic Transportation
    ^ Knighthhod for sucking up to David Cameron...
  15. Dyson scraps EV plans

    Off Topic Transportation Wait for it... Wait for it... Apparently it sucked. (Sorry but someone had to)
  16. Britain today

    Still not biting. Most of the "news" about this at the moment is all BS propaganda from one side or the other sixteen anyway.
  17. Britain today

    Still not biting. How's the Peso doing by the way?
  18. Britain today

    Not biting. It's all part of the plan.
  19. Bostonians Lament Loss Of 137-Year-Old Pub And Its Trove Of History

    Not the pub, just the chips.
  20. Bostonians Lament Loss Of 137-Year-Old Pub And Its Trove Of History

    I knew a pub in Devon where the potato chips are older than that...
1-20 of 198 Results