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  1. w211 new comand 2008/2009?

    Audio & Telematics Forum
    Retrofit of NTG2.5 Command/BD0880 Hi Rick, Now that I understand that you have a MY2002 W211 with Audio20-CC and you have now some advice from fellow forum members, I would say that the retrofit of the NTG2.5 would take a lot of work and as Rob mentioned "venturing into unchartered territory"...
  2. w211 new comand 2008/2009?

    Audio & Telematics Forum
    Making rear AGW a MOST Slave Hi Rick, Wish you best of luck in getting this to work - I'd want to know too. The AGW in the NTG1 system is the MOST master while the AGW in the BD0880 unit is built-in as you have rightly summarised. Was your NTG1 Command-APS factory installed or upgraded from...
  3. Upgrade Standard Audio?

    Audio & Telematics Forum
    Upgrading Stock Stereo The audio/telematics in the W211 works via a MOST fibre-optic ring. And in the ring there is a "Bus Master" - namely an Audio-Gateway or AGW that controls the individual components in the ring (eg. HU, CD-changer, navigation computer, phone, linguatronic etc) Hence your...
  4. MOST Integration Latest News

    Audio & Telematics Forum
    Dietz 1580 Sorry, it should be the Dietz 1580 - IMU (R) MOST Audio-out Interface. Hope this helps.
  5. MOST Integration Latest News

    Audio & Telematics Forum
    Think you can try Dietz. I think the 1550 allows you to get a pair of RCA stereo feed for aftermarket amps/processors from the MOST fibre
  6. Adding an additional subwoofer and amp?

    W211 E-Class
    H-K Part Numbers Did a search myself a couple of days ago and it was mentioned on one of the forums. Hope this is useful - additional comments my own but unqualified. Let me know if you manage to do this. Harman-Kardon Part Numbers 1 – Audio Gateway (N93/1) sound 7.1 / 8-channel 420-watts...
1-6 of 6 Results