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  1. PRN Test Drive Reviews my 1994 E500

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    PRN Test Drive reviews my 1994 E500. Enjoy!
  2. 1994 e320 Cabrio needs $8000+ in repairs according to dealer

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Sorted examples are not hugely expensive, so reluctantly my 2 cents is: sell and buy one that's in better condition.
  3. GLB 35 video review

    As the GLB 35 has been released to the press, there are several videos on YT, here's one of the better ones (imo): Personally, the vanilla version will suit me just fine, imo it's overkill like all performance SUVs, and since this will be a winter-only vehicle for me, performance (past a...
  4. 500E Hoovies Garage

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hoovie goes through several of his cars and tells us how each of them are broken, including his 1992 500E and a very unusual problem with his R107:
  5. What did you do with/to your 124 today?

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Unfortunately not really any before shots that could a direct comparison (same angles, same lighting conditions) but trust me, it's a great improvement, especially the hood which had marks from what looked like sap and such. My garage link in my sig is the probably the closest comparison...
  6. What did you do with/to your 124 today?

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Paint correction and 3-year ceramic coating by FENYLAB :D Pictures probably don't do it justice.
  7. Price Jump in Vintage SL's?

    R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Could you be more specific? R107? R129? Both? Something else? The SL badge has been around since 1954.
  8. Counting Down The Rarest AMGs Ever Made

    Regarding the cheapening of the AMG badge, ask yourself, if you ran a business, would you give your customers what they want, or give them what you want? The M Sport and AMG-lite trim levels are simply giving the customers what they want: an additional level of exclusivity. Customers here in...
  9. A FULL restoration of euro spec 1982 Mercedes 500SEC

    W126 S,SE,SEC,SEL,SD,SDL Class
    I was going to say, "Stock wheels! Nice!"
  10. 500E Hoovies Garage

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hoovie sells some of his junk and gives an update on his 500E:
  11. Is this a great facebook marketplace ad or what?

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    That's one sad Bez
  12. New 124 Owner

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Hi and welcome, I like the colour combo, great price, those monoblocks will really improve the looks
  13. 500E Hoovies Garage

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
  14. 500E Hoovies Garage

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Off-topic, since there is no mention or sight of the 500E (seems to be in the shop), but still pretty cool: Hoovie got a six-car, $26,000 lift. For free. The R107 is his first car, and it's a vehicle that could probably use some love, rather than spending that love on buying a Yugo, or something.
  15. What did you do with/to your 124 today?

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Got a quote and made an appointment for paint correction and ceramic coating next week
  16. New to Group - 87 300TD

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Welcome and congrats. I think you have excellent impulses. I think you did get lucky with a rare find, especially considering the price. A RWD beige diesel wagon on original wheels with a TURBO badge? It's not brown and it's not a manual but it's very close to what some enthusiasts claim is the...
  17. 1995 E320 Cabriolet - How Long Can It Be Maintained?

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    While I do appreciate the situation of low production parts that are or going NLA, I do think that where there is a will, there is a way. I also think that its obvious you are greatly attached to your cabrio. I think you would regret it if you were to set an end date, or sell now. Hang on...
  18. Car & Driver on the GLB

    C&D has yet to get their hands on it, so this page is basically a placeholder for the moment: This is their initial overview, based on their experience at the press launch day in Utah recently...
  19. 500E Hoovies Garage

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    I completely agree. A 1994 Toyota Camry is also a very well-made car, but I don't see too many videos on those, even though they are bulletproof tanks and made to a similar standard. The E500E is a well-made car that we all agree is worth preserving. Everyone's a critic, and often not even a...
  20. Introductions

    Hello all, I too am very interested in this new Baby G-Wagon as a purely winter vehicle (November-April). I was considering an actual early 463 G-Wagon but thought that perhaps one vintage Merc in the garage is enough. About the same price, too. For my purposes the 250 will probably suffice...
1-20 of 22 Results