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      Hi Noodles,

      for your shop press do you have all the metal pieces to stake up to put under the knuckle to press in the wheel bearing and wheel hub,

      Something like this, although mine is a 20 ton.
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      Smoke Silver '87 560SEC, Black Pearl '87 560SEL
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      Would this press be helpful in pressing out bushings on our suspension?

      12 Ton Shop Press
      It would get the inner (fender side) bushings out of the upper control arm (UCA) and the inner (chassis) side bushings from the lower control arm (LCA). It might get the ball joint out of the LCA but without the right adapter it *won't* put the ball joint back into the LCA.

      UCA inner bushings are not hard to remove. LCA lower bushings are terrible, horrible, obscene, #$%^&*, etc. etc. I've done two W126 LCA's and a sawzall was very useful!! It was either that or explosives.

      I take out lower ball joints with a large socket (~ 1 1/4") held against the bottom of the ball joint and with the spindle assembly braced against something solid (involving steel or concrete) use a BFH to convince the ball joint to come out. I put them back in with a MASSIVE c-clamp tool, like this one on ebay - Item number: 380454100377.

      This is not technically challenging work, just a lot of work. Whilst you're playing with the lower control arm, overhaul the dog bones too.
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      I'm not sure I understand how your homemade tool works. I can tell you that even with a shop press, it was clear that great deal of force was needed. I used a 20 ton press from a friend's shop. You should be able to get something like this for around $100. I don't know how easy it is to find a press where you are, but I don't think I would have been able to complete the bearing R&R without the press.

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