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      I spent a long time pulling my hair out on this one and wanted to add it to the forum as trailers seem to come up regularly...

      If you have a NATO style plug (I have a U1300L Bundeswehr) and buy a regular Military adapter like this one on Amazon: 12 PIN TO 7 BLADE MILITARY ADAPTER WIRING CABLE (A) HARNESS HUMVEE CIVILIAN TRAILER M998 : Automotive and review the STANAG 4007 Trailer connectors in military organizations - Wikipedia BEWARE the German County pinout switches up the M and N pins!

      Thank you XM381 XM381 - 24 Volt Military Truck NATO Socket Wiring for a diagram showing the difference.

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      Looks like a NATO trailer connector. There's adapters you can just buy, and a pinout at Wiring Diagram near the bottom of the page.

      Here's a link to an adaptor that'll plug in and give you a standard 7-pin blade plug that a more common trailer would plug into.

      Google search for "NATO trailer connector" or "military trailer connector" should find all the info you'll need.

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