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      At one point my S-belt shrieked when I made right turns, but only with the AC on. I thought it was the AC compressor turning off under heavy acceleration out of the turn. Turned out my s-belt tensioner was destroyed. Most likely from the local national chain replacing the AC compressor (for the previous owner) and not knowing to loosen the 19mm nut. This stripping the adjustment bolt.

      The m103 (and m104) is notorious for oil leaks where the upper and lower timing chain covers meet. Particularly the rearmost corners, both sides. Its a design flaw by MB.

      If the oil leak is just above the belt tensioner, at the level of the water/coolant pipe that goes across the front of the engine, it’s the upper timing chain cover. I have that leak now. It was there before and after I replaced my head gasket. I’m going to try to repair it in the next couple days.

      The green arrows show where the top timing chain cover sits on the lower cover. The gasket goes under the top cover. The leak will be on the outside (engine’s right, reading left, above the timing chain tensioner) of that joint.
      When I replaced my distributor cap and rotor i did notice there was a lot of built up oil in that exact area. I could very well have both leaks

      BTW, just topped off my oil with two quarts of this stuff recommended by Kent Bergsma and my lifter tick is now gone!!!! 10W40 MoS2 Leichtlauf Engine Oil (5 Liter) - Liqui Moly LM2043
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      Well....If you can't find a 15-40 full syn with high Service Rating (SM or SN) for gasoline engines that is suitable for cats (I believe the newest Rotella T-6 would do it if you could find it in 15W-40); I think this one would work for you..... LIQUI MOLY MOS2 ANTIFRICTION SAE 10W-40 1 L | Walmart Canada

      In fact it might be fine in your other 1980's Benz's as well. It has the temperature viscosity range to handle both cold and warm Canadian weather, and it has the anti-friction additive MOS2. It's not full-synthetic, but perhaps a better transition if the car has had only conventional oil, and it's more affordable for flushing it frequently. I think it's also available in semi-syn or full-syn but I didn't see it at Walmart. My 2cents. :cool:Just do it!

      P.S. The Semi-Syn version IS available from FCP

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