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      I have a simple hand rivet gun like this Hand Riveter Set that I used when replacing the window regulator but I was planning on buying this one 1/4" Air Hydraulic Riveter to use for the spring perch.

      Is there any real difference in the riveting ability of the air one versus the one that Kajtek posted?
      One main difference would be in the amount of effort it takes to break the rivet "nail".The one Kajtek posted is a cheap unit from Harbor Freight. I am sure they are OK for light work, but really, what can you expect for $19.00? Pulling 1/4" steel rivets is a heavy duty job. It takes some effort to pull 1/4" S/S rivets with my Marson hand riveter and it is a quality unit. (I used that unit in a marine business we owned and have had it for about 20 years)

      You would need to measure how much space you have, but even if this type of riveter will fit, you need to be sure you have the ability to apply enough force while laying on your back!

      I am sure the hydraulic or pneumatic units would be a LOT easier. The HF pneumatic unit seems to have good reviews. Make sure the nose fittings match the euro rivets you have bought.

      If HF has similar policies to our Princess Auto who sell many of the same products, if you are not 100% satisfied, you can take it back.

      Marson catalog has some useful info.

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