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      If it were me, I'd invest in the cheap dial indicator and magnetic base from

      for about $30 total. Its too difficult to manually adjust between 0.01 and 0.02 mm play.
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      I am currently looking for a dial indicator for getting the wheel bearings back in spec. I read G-AMG's post here:

      G-AMG's post here:

      on picture #5 you can see that he has this dial to measure the play. People recommended the harbor freight set up, I don't think the one they sell is good enough. The measurement come in increments of 0.001". So to get to .01mm or .02mm, you need to dial in at 1/2 to 3/4 tick. You only get one tick to work with. The total for this setup is $36.97 shipping included.

      Harbor Freight Dial indicator in .001" increments: 1" Travel Machinist's Dial Indicator

      Harbor Freight Magnetic Base with fine tune: Multipositional Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment

      The one G_AMG has is in .01mm increments so I did some searching, and found this set up from this company:

      This indicator has all metal construction inside, the one i wanna get, AGD 1 standards: - 5mm Dial Indicator 01mm AGD Group 1

      Alternative dial indicator, there's a plastic piece inside, AGD2 standards: - 001mm Dial Indicator

      basic magnetic base, there's one for $.10 more if you want fine tune option:

      The total price for this set up is $37.91 shipping included, a little less if if I get the one with the plastic piece inside. Is this the same set up as G-AMG's? looks the same to me, i just needed to confirm it, I never used one of these before. If so I am going to go ahead and order a set.

      I did look up what AGD Standards was and it's just the size of the dial, nothing to do with any type of certification. It goes from AGD 0-4 (0 smallest - 4 biggest).

      Picture Was taken from G-AMG's post, all credits go to him :).


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