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      Thanks for recommending the butyl tape roll. Some online reviews indicate that it is a good sealant but not an adhesive. Have you found it to be a good adhesive? Maybe there are high-stick and minimal-stick varieties?

      On the Home Depot page for Fabral 1/4" butyl tape roll, the manufacturer responded to a question by saying:
      "Butyl is a sealant so it does not have any significant holding or bonding power, so the sealant would not work for your application."
      The application in question was sticking plastic vapor barrier to concrete block which is an admittedly tricky job. Still, their response seems broad and definitive.

      An Amazon listing for Colormetrics Gray Putty Tape had this question/answer dialog:
      "Question: I want to use this to hold up some sound dampening in my tacoma doors, would this hold it up? Probably a few lbs of material.
      Answer: This relies on compression to make stick. Not a tacky tape. More for installing things like windows."
      That same page had a review saying it was used for a BMW door vapor barrier and another saying it was very sticky.

      On my 25 year old Volvo 240, I guess the black sticky stuff I often encountered was butyl tape. But for the Benz door, it looks like they used spray adhesive, so I'm going to stick with that (pun very much intended).
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      (snipped) ........ but there's also some kind of putty type sealant all the way around it, Mercedes wanted a lot for that stuff so I read a post somewhere about using duct seal, get it at Lowe's in the electrical dept, cheap $5, its a brick of grey sealing putty-weather proofing is whats its for.
      Dux Seal is good, but Butyl Tape might be better ... certainly sticky. That said, I'm not familiar with the Merc HVAC box so that may not work for you.

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