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      93 SL500, 95 SL320, 96 S320, 98 S500, 2002 E320 4Matic Wagon & A little 91 5.0 FORD Mustang
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      I'm looking for as many resources I can find for the 722.3 4 speed automatic. I am most likely going to attempt the R & I, and rebuild on my own. I found a nice write up on a 500e website. This is for a 95 so the procedure should be the same if not identical on the 96.

      HOW-TO: Removing & Replacing 722.3 transmission (W124/M104)

      Does anyone have any tips / experience to share? I currently have the Mitchell and Ganzeboom documents for the 722.3. I believe there are a few manuals out there.. is the hard copy worth it or does the cd-rom have good information? Also, what specialty tools are needed for removing / installing things like washers etc internally? Where can hard to find parts be found?
      The reason for the rebuild is the car slipping gears, revving without shifting, overall degradation of movement. Motor holds speed normally.. transmission has been diagnosed faulty by a local shop. Rebuild quotes are more than the car is worth. How to tell if the problem is not the differential or torque converter?
      I would rather not pay a fortune to have someone do the job for me if there is potential to diy and save for a set of monoblocks / tires / lottery tickets / etc. Snap ring pliers? Micrometers? etc.. again all feedback is appreciated.

      I guess I need to answer this? I just been remodeling my Kitchen.... Here is my delayed response.

      A) Address you have the correct transmission. One does not want to buy parts for 722.4 or 722.5, so on the passenger side of the rim of transmission where the transmission pan butt's-up will give you the correct model number!!!- see the picture-

      B) the service manual. It is out there. The 722.3 and 722.4 are near identical, but one can use it for a 722.5 up until the tail-cone clutch packs. - /w140manu/Service/

      Exploded diagram: Mercedes 1B 722.3 722.4.pdf

      C) The best tool for the money to do any tranny rebuild. Worth it's price in gold. The hot rod places charge TEN_TIMES more!!!:eek I paid $45 :eek Now they are twenty something :eek

      Universal Automatic Transmission Clutch Spring Compressor Tool US Shipping | eBay

      D) these 722.3-722.5 have lip seal o-rings through-out the transmission inside. They are tricky to install( this is why I say the 722.6 is the best transmission to DIY the first time as the 722.6 DOES NOT HAVE ANY LIP SEALS). Here is tool which works well:

      It comes with every TransTech rebuild kit. Trans tech kits were sold by RockAuto, but one can make the tool from plastic from a plastics shop. Just sand the round sharp edges after one cuts it out :nerd

      E) I would advise to look at YouTube rebuild videos. My favorite guy is Hiram Gutierrez

      Look at his rear wheel drive rebuilds like Chevy 4L60 He has dozens of those. Look at how bearing bushings are removed. The 4L60 has like 10 or so bushings. The 722.3 has one or two... Comb through his videos try to look at them while you are eating. Spend 20 to 40hrs looking at them in the back ground, so you get the procedures. Watch the lip seal process. He has 722.9, but it will not help as it does not have lip seals. The chevy trans comes close to a 722.3-722.5 rebuild with lip seals.

      F) tools, Feeler gauge(large one-not a spark wire gap tool), pic's, punch, screw drivers, denatured alcohol(or Acetone), swabs(to clean screw pockets), High heat high vibration thread locker-not your garden variety thread locker from the auto parts store. Torque wrench. Vernier Caliper

      Feeler Gauge - 32 Piece, SAE/Metric

      Digital Calipers - Save on these 6 Inch Digital Calipers

      4 Piece Pick and Hook Set

      5 Piece Long Drive Pin Punch Set

      3/8 in. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench

      1/2" Torque Wrench

      This is worth its price in gold for the home DIYer's

      450 lb. Low Lift Transmission Jack

      You will need a tub of sticky transmission lube. DONOT USE ANY WHEEL BEARING GREASE OR CHASSIS GREASE ORRRRRR ANY OTHER GREASE as these greases will DESTROY YOUR SEALS.... I use the blue Grease. You can get it on fleabay too...

      More stuff later



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      93 SL500, 95 SL320, 96 S320, 98 S500, 2002 E320 4Matic Wagon & A little 91 5.0 FORD Mustang
      8,980 Posts
      Okay Frozen,

      This is how I do it, and other may bark at it... Others may say but the very best !!! The tool does not make you. Your knowledge makes you, and over time as you get better you will know what " tools" are needed to do a job. I say "tools" it is a battery of tools-hand tools, pneumatic, electric, home made, software, and internet.. I use all of them to be successful, and through these tools you will amplify your knowledge as the tools will multifaceted from all directions, and not end up being a "parts changer" not a technician...

      Some like to go to flea markets. I just do not do that. It is not my cup of tea. Some like to troll the flea markets, and some will buy Hazet, Snap On, Mack, Proto, and etc... That is all fine and dandy...I love pocket my money for great trips. I love to go flying(and that is not cheap). For me Harbor Freight and Craftsman are perfect for me... I will buy a few high end tools for a particular tool.. When I rebuild transmissions. I make my tools-Their is no magic in the work of transmissions.....

      Here is a list with links and notes

      The magic sizes in sockets and wrenches are 8, 10,11,13,15,17,& 19. I like to have multiple sets.


      Metric Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set - 7 Piece

      Fully Polished Metric Combination Wrench Set 9 Pc

      11 Piece Metric Highly Polished Long Handle Combination Wrench Set

      7 Piece Metric Stubby Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set


      High Visibility 3/8 in. Drive Metric Deep Wall Socket 10 Pc

      High Visibility 3/8 in. Drive Metric Socket Set 10 Pc

      Having a 1/4 SAE has got me out of jams...

      High Visibility 1/4 in. Drive SAE Deep Wall Socket 10 Pc

      High Visibility 1/4 in. Drive Metric Deep Wall Socket 10 Pc

      Mercedes like to use these weird spline bolts here in there, so you donot want to be caught with out a Spline-Socket set.

      7 Piece 3/8" Metric Spline Socket Set

      Extensions of all lengths- I like just plain straight ones:

      4 Piece 3/8" Drive Impact Extension Set

      1/4 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in. Drive Wobble Socket Extensions 9 Pc


      3/8 in. Drive Heavy Duty Quick Release Ratchet

      3/8" Heavy Duty Flexible Ratchet

      1/4" Heavy Duty Composite Ratchet

      1/4" Quick Release Swivel Head Ratchet

      3/8" Drive Speeder Handle

      Piece Universal Joint Set

      3/8 in. Drive 17 in. Breaker Bar

      4 Piece High Visibility Socket Adapter Set

      A must have:

      3/8 in. Drive Metric Hex Bit Socket Set 6 Pc

      Torx set get it at sears

      Screw drivers:

      Screwdriver Set 22 Pc

      Always have one of these:

      4-in-1 Screwdriver with TPR Handle

      I use this set religiously

      26 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Set

      For what I do, This electric impact is excellent for big bolts AKA suspension.. Excellent to remove bolts:

      Electric Impact Wrench - 1/2"

      Sockets to go along....

      1/2 in. Drive Metric Deep Wall Impact Socket Set 13 Pc

      Piece 1/2 in. Drive Impact Extension Set

      1/2 in. Drive Metric Impact Hex Driver Set 8 Pc

      Need a jack.. get a 3 ton?

      3 ton Low Profile Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®

      A couple of jack stands..

      3 Ton Jack Stands - Heavy Duty Jack Stands for Cars and Trucks

      Wheel Chucks

      Need to block your tires. get a minimum of two, but four would be safer..

      Rubber Wheel Chock with Eyebolt

      Car ramps,

      I like the plastic ones over the metal ones, and I like these

      RhinoGear 12,000 Pound Automotive Ramp | Product Details | Pep Boys

      Specialized tools:

      Torque wrenches. Nothing like a SnapOn, but they are BIG bucks, yet the harbor freight ones will work

      1/4" Torque Wrench - 20-200 in. lbs.

      3/8" Drive Click Type Torque Wrench

      1/2" Torque Wrench

      For door panels and PSE fittings

      5 Piece Auto Trim and Molding Tool Set

      Ahh the pry bar....Cure all tool-Must for everything....

      4 Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set

      The cure all tool:

      2-1/2 Lb. Neon Orange Dead Blow Hammer

      16 oz. Ball Pein Hammer


      8 Piece Pin Punch Set

      12 Piece Industrial Punch and Chisel Set


      Pliers Set 5 Pc

      My favorite size:

      16 in. Professional Groove Joint Pliers

      Vice grips:

      10" Curved Jaw Locking Pliers


      4 Piece Professional Adjustable Wrenches

      Always got to cut something....

      7" Professional Diagonal Pliers

      Long pliers:

      8" Needle Nose Pliers

      11 In. Straight & 90° Angle Long Reach Pliers 2 Pc

      Some hex and torx sets:

      Pack of 3 Folding Star Bit and SAE/Metric Hex Keys

      Metric Hex Wrench System 9 Pc

      These should get you going...You will need a spring compressor, ball joint tool, and a bushing tool(or making one)

      All the best,


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