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  • bnZE430/1999 ·
    Hey there Z,

    Would you please change the title of my thread to read "CL 560". Finally finished it up so no need for the coming soon...
    HawaiianLandYacht ·
    can you please erase my thread in the w140 section stated fuel lines filter pump. I have a guy Joe Trojan harassing and being rude and sarcastic repeatedly throughout the thread and im just trying to get help with my car. i want to start the topic over again so it can be beneficial to everyone without his repeated insults.
    bnZE430/1999 ·
    Hey Z168... I put up a thread called "W140 must haves" and the thread kinda grew from a few select tools to a compilation of all tools needed for a suspension rebuild. Would you please rename it "W140 suspension R&R must have tools". Thanks
    Rob812 ·
    Hi there,

    I have 3 ebay listings I just put up, am I allowed to link to them here? All parts are for the W140 (wheels, steering wheel and door latch). I was hoping to put up links to them in the FS/Wanted thread in the sticky section up top. Thanks!

    4liter ·
    Hi I have another profile whose handle is Sean300 that I'd like to have merged with my current profile. I forgot the password and created the one you see now. Please let me know what it is you need from me to get this taken care of.
    Thanks a bunch! He is me...Mercedes-Benz Forum - View Profile: Sean300
    kordell ·
    TACKLEBERRY ,may i request he be barred for a year for his racist acts. THANKS, just think if he was talking about your culture like that how you would feel.. thanks for listening.
    eddie a ·
    Can you let the members know that the W140 section of this forum is for JUST W140 threads, some members think they can post about other kinds of vehicals on the forum and I feel it just clutters up things and does not help W140 members at all. If you could post a thread about this topic it would probably help it stop, thanks in advance, Eddie a
    keyhole ·
    Hi z168

    Did you enjoy the v12 Wine Rack? I did.

    New member a lex writes that he owns a 1997 W140 S280. This is not on your current W140 forum list. Should it be included?
    hempchill ·
    Hey Z168,
    I was hoping you could give me a little advice on choosing between two Monoblock wheel sizes for my 99 s420v.
    I have the choice between purchasing a set of 18" (HWA 1404010102) with 245/45/R18 tires all around...
    A set of TWO 8 1/2J x 19 H2 ET 46 and TWO rims with 9 1/2J x 19 H2 ET 46.
    Although I like the look of the 19" setup better - I'm wondering if there are any ride quality considerations that might come with choosing the 19" staggered setup.
    I know you run a staggered 19" setup and was hoping you might be able to give me a little advice.
    Thanks in advance,
    mrbobby ·
    Please delete my post regarding the 2000 CLK cab parts for sale. I meant to post in the 208 section. Thank you for your help and please accept my apologies for the error.
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