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  • 95diesel-e300 ·
    Just wanted to express my thanks for the suggestion to use a spacer on tensioner pulley when I changed to correct serpentine belt. It lined it up and looks good. Prior to using spacer, belt was trying to walk off tensioner. Last guy that owned the car used the wrong belt and the adjuster is slightly bent. The spacer was the answer, thanks again.
    nomorehurry ·
    Winmutt, in a post from 2009 you said it was not necessary to remove the brake booster to replace the torsion bar bushings on a W123 (82 300DT). Can you tell me how to get the bolts loose/off without removing the booster?
    Andy Malan ·
    please help
    w124 230e Auto has suddenly started using excessive amounts of fuel, (5km/l or 14 MPG) and seems to run too rich when warm, splutters and farts before i hammer it, runs ok at cruise speed. can it be a heat sensor that's faulty?
    if so, which one?
    johnnyqnola ·
    hello, will the dome light you have with the map light plug directly into a 1985 300d US spec, or do you need a different harness/wiring setup?

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