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  1. Front end protection

    W251 R-Class
    Thanks. Sounds like a good idea to check with my paint guy.
  2. Front end protection

    W251 R-Class
    I live in Arizona and the roads have a lot of stone debris. Consequently the front end of my R is riddled with stone chips. I would like to have it repainted, but will not until I can protect the front in some manner. While not a fan of bras this would seem to be the best protection, however I...
  3. >> "Show us your R-Class" Picture Thread <<

    W251 R-Class
    Looks absolutely fantastic!
  4. 2007 R350 MAIN Battery Replacement???????

    W251 R-Class
    Son in law and I replaced mine in 08 R350. I purchased the battery at AutoZone for $159. If you take the advice and remove the 4 seat bolts, it is not particularly difficult. Saved big bucks by bypassing the dealer.
  5. New 302 HP Engine

    W251 R-Class
    I thought I read that the new 3.5 is a 60 degree design and totally different than the old 3.5. Did I dream this or am I getting a little senile?
  6. Time to trade the ML 430 for an R-class -Help finding one needed!

    W251 R-Class
    We bought our R350 from a broker. She is FANTASTIC! Send her an email: [email protected] or call her at 800-434-9038 or 928-763-1633. Ask for Sharon and tell her that Bill and Bonnie sent you. You won't be sorry.
  7. >> "Show us your R-Class" Picture Thread <<

    W251 R-Class
  8. Does liking an R-class make me less of a male?

    W251 R-Class
    I have an 08 R350 and drive frequently from my home to Las Vegas with my wife. It's the most comfortable and awesome cruising vehicle we have ever owned. I cannot see anything un-masculine about it. When my grandkids visit, they have their own seat and individual DVD screen and life couldn't be...
  9. Driving light replacement

    W251 R-Class
    Thank you!
  10. Driving light replacement

    W251 R-Class
    You'll have to forgive my ignorance but I am the second owner of this vehicle and am not sure if I have the sport package. I've searched options online and that got me more confused. I have the lighting package (HIDs and washers) and have 19" AMG 5 spoke wheels. I do not have blue glass. Why is...
  11. Driving light replacement

    W251 R-Class
    My 08 R350 has a broken lens on the driving light on the passenger side. My dealer wants close to $200 to replace this. I have searched for this part on the internet and have come away confused. I have HIDs and the driving lights come on when turning the wheel in their direction. I don't know if...
  12. Driving light bezel

    W251 R-Class
    I am missing the driver's side chromed plastic bezel for the driving light. I called my dealer today and discovered this $10.00 appearing part is over $100. Since I am a new M-B owner, I am unfamiliar with places to purchase parts at less than the ridiculous prices my dealer quotes me. Any...
  13. Leather?

    W251 R-Class
    Felt a little odd, but went out and sniffed the seats. No smell at all. Also, no wood on steering wheel, so apparently original seller was fibbing. It's ok, as the price was right and it has virtually every other option. I replaced a Passat wagon that had Latte Macchiatto leather. My wife had...
  14. Leather?

    W251 R-Class
    I have just become the owner of a 2008 R350. The broker I purchased it from sent me information before I bought it. The description said it had leather seating. It seems as though it would be obvious to me whether it is leather or MBTex, however I'm not sure. There must be an obvious way to...
  15. New member needing parts

    General Mercedes-Benz
    Thanks, just getting used to the format here. Already found an answer in the w251 area.