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  • leonardo ·
    Hi Waybomb,

    This is from my problem regarding the P0446 code.
    "If you have the same part number valve, I can send you the one I removed. If it works to fix the cel, then we can figure out how much it's worth. If not, send it back?"

    Well, I removed my shut-off valve today, but I'm skeptical as to what exactly is wrong, because I took it apart and applied voltage to it and the thing moves. Just don't know if it moves normally or not. So is your offer still good?
    KarlBenzSF ·
    Hi Waybomb: I have the same car with you, and my car is only 200K miles and need to replace water pump and alternator. You have a E320 with 300K+ miles, have you replaced the water pump and alternator before? How about thermostat and catalytic converter? Thanks for your information.
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