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  1. How many air filters in my car?

    W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    air filters = 2. you have a left and right side air filter. cabin filter = 3. you have a pre-filter (dust) and the 2 cabin filter in the housing above the fan.
  2. Express up window

    X164 GL-Class
    reinitialize it. manually roll window up. when window gets to top. pull switch up to auto mode and hold for approx 1 second. release switch. this will relearn the window. it may take a couple times to get window to relearn.
  3. engine light stays on

    X164 GL-Class
    diag charges depends on dealer or indy shop that specializes in MB. a check eng light can be on for over 2000 things. without codes its only a guessing game.
  4. Should I Receive Notice for 'B' Service via Flexible Service System??

    W212 E-Class
    you can access the assyst system thru the cluster under the service menu. it will tell you what is remaining. but if you have no service history. I would get it services asap.
  5. Replacement Key 2014 E350

    W212 E-Class
    $250 seems cheap to me. especially if the car has keyless go. Dealer only if you want the key to work. these online key CANNOT be programmed to your car thru the dealer, no matter what the seller says. dealer ordered key by your vin. MB programs it for them, and you drive off.
  6. Auto-Shifting to Park

    W212 E-Class
    if you are completely stopped ad it does auto park, there is no harm. its no difference than you pushing the "P" on the stalk. now slowly moving and opening door or turning car off can damage the parking pawl in the trans.
  7. Clearing "message" from service display?

    W212 E-Class
    could be a bad pump, relay, line, strut, sensor, etc. without codes being read it can be anything.
  8. 2012 S350 Engine Rattle After Startup

    W221 S-Class
    you must have never seen a cheapy filter collapse.
  9. U.K. SRS Recall ,, problem help

    W204 C-Class
    we see seat belt issues all the time. NOW we run a quick test and read the faults out of the SRS modules before we even replace it. it it has a stored code for any component the module does not get replaced. Reason being is the new module will not program to the veh with a fault code.
  10. New (to me) S212. Parktronic is such a backwards step

    W212 E-Class
    it all depends on what options the car has. the new cars with 360 camera gives you the pic in the screen. but no 360 option, you get the led lights and tone.
  11. Push Start button

    W212 E-Class
    that started in around 15 model year I believe. to me its an ok system. it works when it want to. there is some improvements needs on that system.
  12. Smart key won't unlock doors or start car (batteries good

    W204 C-Class
    let the charger charge the battery fully or atleast a few hours. these cars are very picky on voltages. if voltage is low it drives these modules crazy. see what it does with a fully or close to a charged battery. DO NOT insert key into ignition while jump starting or even charging...
  13. PSE Pump replacement and reprogram... I think?

    W220 S-Class
    PSE also contains/controls the alarm functions. if its not programmed then the alarm probably does not work either.
  14. Coolant smell on '14 GL450

    X166 GL / GLS-Class
    there is a plastic fitting that sends coolant to the turbo on the drivers side. this fitting is bad to crack and cause a leak. the leak may be small enough it does not leak on the ground before the coolant dries up. I have replaced several of these fittings. We have also seen expansion...
  15. Persistent Code P0017

    X204 GLK-Class
    swap cam solenoid/magnets around to verify that issue. They are all the same along with cam sensors. I have done 10 balance shaft jobs. I have never removed the spark plugs to set the timing chain timing.