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  • Vortecpwr ·
    I have looked at several Vmi's over the last few weeks. they are all blank in this area. I am not sure why that is even on there. I have asked a few at my dealer and they have no idea either.
    Vortecpwr ·
    I will have to look at a VMI Monday to see exactly what you are talking about. ON the VMI's we print out it shows use any warranty that has been done on the car from day one of delivery. It shows what any dealer has done. it also shows us customer pay from day 1 from any dealer.

    I have not seen any "online" VMI's. Only what we printout/look at thru MB themselves. MB maybe "hiding" some info due to the online venders.
    rmt721 ·
    Hi Vortecpwr,

    I saw your post on VMI's and was wondering if you might be able to clarify something please. On most vmi's I've seen online, on the front page it'll say Status: Status Need Authorization and then next to it it'll say Warranty < 30 Days even if there is a valid warranty for years to come. What do either of these two things, the authorization and the 30 days note signify in the system? Thanks.
    Vortecpwr ·
    I am gonna say it may be the speed sensor on the conductor plate (trans ECU) in the trans. or you have wheel speed sensor faults, but I am gonna say its a trans issue. I may be wrong but without knowing what codes are stored in the vehicle its only a guessing game.
    drsaab ·
    Hi there, Saw your a tech, had a question. I have a 2011 E350 BT with 46k mi. Just had the whole 40k service 2k miles ago with tranny fluid and all. Drove last 2 k miles no issues. This morning on my usual 60 mile drive to work the car kept turning off its distronic even though there was no rain etc. Then while cruisiing at 60 mph it jerked and again the active assist features turned off and this time check engine light turned on. At a stoplight I shut car off and restarted to see if it was a temp software hiccup and the car now would not shift out of park. restarted multiple times and would not change gears. called tow truck but 20 min after I shut if off tried again and no issues. Just check engine light still on. ?

    any ideas? its a cpo so Ill take it in .
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