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    Sorry it wasn't simple,easier fix. If is just a reseal then you are in luck. As well, you were intelligent enough not to drive it and burn transmission out. That's what usually happens.
    Good luck and pass on specific repairs in writing.Cheers, Paul
    SChalmers ·
    Hey missed this no seems to be a soft market on these. Trying ti sell my 1998 E430 as well because I bought a 2000 S430
    mrpcd8 ·
    Guten tag Visal.
    Hows things in Cold Canada?
    NO MORE BRITS. I've tried dealing with 2, and both went bad!
    Keep in touch!
    Dysphoria ·
    Hey, noticed that you pretty much have the same car as me. Might have some questions for you if you ever have the time.
    81126 ·
    Howdy Visal...all good here on the coast. Took a look at maybe the next MB for the stable - a mint, and I do mean mint, silver over blue '76 450SEL. 68K miles, full service history.....5.5K. Selling the SEC to do this, moving to a new house next month and there's only room for one in the garage. This is perhaps where the AMG 16s will go...I'm thinking all ghetto-tint since the back window is already done, lower 50mm or so, 16s.....
    DSK PAK ·
    i've got a w124 here in pakistan. and i'm planing to pick up another one. the one i have right now has been with the family for years, so im not allowed to touch that one. but im picking up a 300e with manual transmission. and im going to restore that one my way, so i want the wide front fenders and bumpers. which came on a 500E perhaps? now i was in toronto and all before, went there for uni (UofT), so i know in and about of that hood. i've still got many friends there but none of them share the same young classics intrests. here are a few pics. and do i make a new post like you did with your car? i wana show mines off too.
    DSK PAK ·
    hey vishal. im new to this forum, but just saw you're post. congrats of the w124 coupe. looks sick! i may need some of you're help bro. [email protected] (add me on facebook, its much more easy to use)
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