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  • trazique ·
    Hello Unavita,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to this message, I wish BenzWorld would give better notification on private messages.

    when you say "lot of people would pay to get this done"ere you referring to to EFI conversion on the car?

    If so, that would be great I would entertain the thought of that, here is me email [email protected] we can discuss other communication options later if you'd like.

    I am located in Jacksonville Fl. Where are you?
    Catalytic ·
    Did you ever receive the contact info of the fabricator from SoCal that mclare had posted about in 2010? If so would you MIMD sharing it, because I am trying to hunt down a set of tri-y's or someone who can make me some but have had no luck at all.
    Fonzi ·
    Four 7x16 et23
    Four 8x16 et11

    Four 8x16 et11 rs009
    Four 8x16 et21 rs133
    A disassembled set of four mirror polished that can be configured however anyone wants from 7"-9" in et11 to et35.
    Fonzi ·
    Hi unavita. I'm sorry I'm never notified when I get messages here. The euro headlights sold within three hours of cleaning them up and re-listing them on ebay... for $500. I was surprised. I listed them at $600 with a best offer option and an automatic accept on anything over $475 (and no automatic decline). The first offer that came in won them for $500.

    I still have three sets of BBS RS, and two sets of BBS RA, and a set of Rial Weaves. everything is for sale these days.

    PM Me. I would post my email address, but I'm not sure if this message is public or private.
    Fonzi ·
    I'm sorry. I must have gotten mixed up and missed your messages. Is it the euro headlights and BBS RS wheels you'd like?
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