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  • Geen ·

    I see you noted that you car is a daily driver. I have a 72 280sel also and am thinking it would be nice to use it as a daily driver but I am in chicago and the winter may be too rough on the car. So you drive in snow? rain and what do you do to keep the rust away? how is insurance on these cars and what will they give you if its wrecked.

    thanks rich
    TZ_280SEL ·
    I did not redo the seat pads because they were in very good condition. I actually purchased a new set of seat covers, carpet and headliner from a guy on e-bay who had planned to restore his SEL until he discovered rust throughout. I purchased them for real cheap from him. They were from World Upholstery. They fit very well and look original.

    The seats took about 3-4 hrs per front seat and about that for rear. Carpet is easy. Headliner is VERY difficult. Requires removal of front and rear windows and a good 8 hrs of work. Better to pay for this from a pro.

    I was changing interior colors so for me the difficult part was covering the A and B pillars. I also had to make new door panels from scratch.
    wroding ·
    I saw in one of your posts that you fitted new tex seat covers, carpets and ,headliner to your sel. I am looking at an sel right now. I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but i think it may need carpets and new seat covers and possibly seat pads. I have done a little research on costs. I wanted to ask you what you thought it may cost from your experience? Also is it hard to fit the seat covers and pads? The car is a lovely light green with parchment color seats. i would love to fix it up nice.
    Thanks so much john.
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