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  • slothmog ·
    Aloha John,
    Just read your post about Luky's and Joe Factor.
    Well my mom just passed Saturday morning, and I have been here in North Hollywood for about a year and a half.
    I could hit Luky's with my slingshot... really!
    My longtime childhood friend owns Luky's store :)
    I am right across from Mucho Mas at the corner of Burbank Blvd. and Biloxi.
    My 75 Power Wagon and Alaskan cabover camper can usually be seen in the street in front of my mothers house from Burbank blvd.
    Anyway thought I say Hi, maybe we could get together and talk Mog :)
    Loved your story about "finding" the spring in Baja ;-o.
    I'm tied up this week with funeral and stuff, but after that...
    My phone is 818-763-4727 cell 818-200-3078
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Look forward to meeting you.
    Take Care.
    All Aloha
    Locked up ·
    Greyhound is pretty simple, just wrap it in cardboard, give them my name and phone number, and send it to Portland Oregon. They call me when it arrives.
    Wackmandoo ·
    Would you still have a pair of nice rear doors to fit an sbu DoKa?
    Please let me know.
    Kind regards,
    Dan Wackerman
    Haines Alaska
    kimosawboy ·
    I know that you have your files stored in every imaginable way, model/color/.....but would you have pics of sunshades???? I have seen a few on the larger AG mogs, but only one or two.
    I'm thinking of building one and any additional pics would be great.
    This sunshade is one of the green plastic variety's not the canvas one.
    biker88biker ·
    hello ,
    i want to buy 2 used continental E7 grip tires and i want if enyone has or if you help me to find a seller.
    thanks in advance,
    Mog627 ·
    I am looking for information the flat belt pulley system seen on older 411 to drive saws and similar external machinery. Having read a lot of posts you appear to be the goto guy for most things here. I am looking for pictures and mechanical details. Can you point me in the correct direction. So you know my interset is purely acedemic, just very curious.
    Heavy Weapons ·
    Hey John, any chance you can post some pics of the MB 3 pt hitch (rear) so I can get an idea if it will work on my 416? You can post in my thread re: the agri implements. THANKS!!
    coachgeo ·
    Well guess you got the password reminder form Germanstar.

    He updated your profile to new email addy and sent you a password reminder.
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