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  • lebc888 ·

    I have a 91 black/black SEC that I had painted similar to yours and like mjmutuma, I'm looking for someone who could make me save all those hours of research on the net!

    Could you give me some details about the "first gear start module" and the " AMG (clone) solid lifter conversion" you have on your car?

    Things I'm about to do on mine (with parts in hands):
    -replace back window+seal
    -install AMG (clone) exhaust manifolds and downpipes (got from 48hp)
    -H&R cup kit suspension (springs and shocks)
    -install euro headlights (still one missing)
    -install new door seals

    Plenty of work to last until spring!

    garysalas ·
    noticing your car and was wondering did you paint your mirrors black even the grey plastic? and the door handels are they completely black. looking at the pictures i can't tell. beautiful car.
    mjmutuma ·
    I'm in love with the stance and rims on your vehicle. Would you mind helping me out with part numbers for your H&R springs and Bilstein HDs? I spent a few days looking through forums and keep finding opposing details so thought I might just try to go to the man who I'm trying to emulate! Any help would be much appreciated!
    cascade ·
    Hi Mike
    I am in So Cal this week, in Bakersfield just nopw, hav time for a visit or coffee tororrow perhaps? I am in the other car though. If time for you works, pm me here - no laptop, so acc3ess is spotty, or message on my cell phone 530 263 2045. Orange county no problem for me. LMK, thanks, Jim
    cerberus128128 ·
    hi i love you car! im new i have a 89 560 i love your stance and your rims are they 17 or 18 inch mono blocks? also what did you do to the stance 1inch rite?
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