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  1. Can sam rear affect gear box

    W164 M-Class
    Hi everyone The sam rear on my 2006 ML320 CDI was damaged due to a water leakage, I bought a used one on line & my mechanic fitted it, while driving from the garage the gear box started acting up, it was taking long to shift so I took it back to the mechanic. On checking, the mechanic said the...
  2. Picked up this AMG 463, help decoding VIN?

    something was removed from next to the plaque
  3. 124 Coupe/Cabriolet Picture Thread

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    93 320ce on 18 carlsson. Sent from my Autoguide iPad app
  4. New to Me 320CE

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Resident: Kampala, Uganda (pearl of Africa) Will confirm the name of the colour from EPC/WIS.
  5. New to Me 320CE

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    1993 18 Carlsson Slammed (something I have to change due to our roads :crybaby2:)
  6. How to access sunroof

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    You could be looking at a lift arm problem. Just be extra carefull cause you might break them Sent from my Autoguide iPad app
  7. 1995 E320 - Occasional problems getting correct parts - especially brake parts

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    You have the same problem as me. The same happened when i ordered the serpentine belt despite the fact that i used the VIN. I have a big issue with the fuel pressure accumulator as per my VIN, my car is not supposed to have a fuel pressure accumulator but my car has one next to the fuel pump and...
  8. M104 with a cracked oil pan

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    My Car was bottoming due to worn shock and i punctured the oil pan twice in a space of one week, in both cases I opted for welding because I believe its all down to how professionally it is done. If done badly even something as simple as replacing the pan can be costly in the end.
  9. Rough Gear shift

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    My gear shift is rough. It delays to shift and when it does it does so with a knock. I have just changed the transmission fluid. What is the way forward?
  10. Replacing W124 engine with W210 engine. Questions!

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    This is a relatively easy swap just do not forget the ECU from the 210. Having said that If I was you I would sort out the M104 in the 124 if it's only the Gasket that is bothering you. Low mileage does not always equate to better engine. Service history is a better measure. If it it's not...
  11. Check engine light on a 1995 e320

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    You definitely need a code reader. If you can not build one get in touch with Rick Dean he will sort you out
  12. Stalling when hot- no restart

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    Once had an almost similar problem ended up being a bad fuel pump relay
  13. Keep Pulling code 8

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    My code reader keep pulling code 8 which according to the code book means Idle speed control (ISC) system at upper or lower control stop or CC or EA indicates "limp home" mode. My Car does not have cruise control and the same code book indicates that EA is an American only designation. I am at...
  14. In need of a sunroof lift arm

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    I need the sunroof lift arms part no. A1247800512 and A1247800612. Anyone know where I can order them online? anyone have them FS? Any help will be highly appreciated
  15. Hello, and btw my 1989 300e has a hard start issue every single time

    W124 E,CE,D,TD Class
    What condition are the Suppressor Plugs?