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  • parkervd ·
    Hi ThrillKill, My name is parkervd, and I own a 2000 CLK320 convertable. My automatic shifter is stuck in Park. I released it manually, but it gets stuck each time I shift it back to Park. I replaced the entire shifter unit in 2012, and I hope I don't have to do it again. Can you help me? Thanks. I live in Florida(USA)
    ScapinBenz ·
    thrillkill, I posted a thread in the classified section that got locked today after I looked at it yesterday. Can you or one of the other mods explain why it got locked down? Not trying to break any forum rules, I just want to sell some Lorinser wheels. Thanks in advance.

    lackjo ·
    Hi thrillkill, I have 1 set of lorinser springs and 1 set of eibach springs for sale. the eibachgs are new and the lorinser are used. both are for the w124 Mercedes. how do I post these in the F/S section? thanks for your help.
    1985_Merc ·
    Hello ThrillKill,

    I tried to delete this "used/for sale" listing but cannot: - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum > General Mercedes-Benz Forums > For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    For Sale: 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo $2,500 For Sale: 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo $2,500

    Could you please delete it as the vehicle is no longer for sale, or tell me how to delete it?

    Thank you for your time.

    jtf006 ·
    I have convertable top issues. I believe i have a leak in the rear hood closer(because it made a winny noise when i was opening it but it opened all the way) that caused my rear lid to stop in midair when trying to close the top. I pushed the deck lid shut and pushed the rear window down and it clicked but there is still a 1/2" gap between the lid and the bottom of the window.I saw some hydrolic oil on the trunk lid. Can the manual tool close it the rest of the way so its tight? If so is there a thread on how to operate the top manually? I want to try and fix the issue myself do to lack of funds but we are having alot of rain right now. I have duct tape over the gap to keep the rain out. Do you think if i fill the hydrolic back up it will alow the top to work so i can use the normal way to shut it?Thanks for your help.
    RAvila ·
    Hello TrillKill. Sorry to bother you but i was hoping to see if i can get my post moved to the correct forum. I have a 2006 CLK 350 and its in the W208 forum. Thank you and have a great day.
    Steve B. ·
    Hi, my name is Steve Barr. I registered on here about 11 months ago but I have not posted before. In the 80'5-90's I worked in the body shop of a Benz dealership in North Carolina. Back then I collected and saved some parts that I'm ready to get rid of, some N.O.S.. I would like to post them for sale (with pictures) but would like to know if I am restricted from doing so because of my zero post count.
    I'm aware of scammers that will register on sites just to take advantage of members, but that's not the case here.
    Anyway, I didn't want to compose an ad with pictures to find out that I'm restricted from selling them here.
    Thank you, and Happy New Year!
    Steve Barr
    devious12 ·
    Hey Thrillkill,
    Nice ride, I was looking at some pictures of your car. I'm looking for mods and having a hard time. I wanted to know where you purchased your hood and interior trim parts? Thank for any help.

    babylove ·
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    Misterbigge ·
    Hi Thrill, love the classifieds write up verbiage. Straight from the shoulder and even idiots can understand it!! What is the best way to search for some parts I want to buy? Thanks much! Forest Cooper aka misterbigge
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