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  1. Reduce braking effect visit workshop how can it be solve please

    W211 E-Class
    Wonderfull programming unit, the warning is gone. And the next time you want to slow down, the brakes do not work because the SBC unit really fails. Then you can complain that your Mercedes did not brake at all, "It's a death trap". One thing is for sure, you will never tell that you reset the...
  2. W211 Fuel range indicator issue

    W211 E-Class
    On the W211 it is under/in the bottom. The height is maybe 20 cm's. The W210 has it behind the back seat. The height is 40/50 cm's. Just google on fualtank and type. If I am correct, otherwise somebody will correct me.
  3. W211 E-Class Pictures Sticky

    W211 E-Class
    Nice odo.
  4. Driver's headlight not working

    W211 E-Class
    How do they know? Where you present when they tested the bulb? Bulb's do burn out. At least mine did.
  5. 2003 e500 low beam right error message

    W211 E-Class
    Mine bulb went also out a couple of months ago. The bulb is easier to replace then the ballast, so start with the bulb. The bulb can go back to the stock of the dealer/garage.
  6. Dead battery, locked trunk, no metal key. Help!

    W211 E-Class
    Can you charge the battery, or power the car up through the cigarette lighter? Probably there will be a relay, but it is worth to try. And make sure the polarity is correct. Arno
  7. Instrument Cluster problems

    W211 E-Class
    Try using the reset button for trip counter. Turn the button clockwise, but be careful, do not break it.
  8. 2003 e500 front low beam light problem

    W211 E-Class
    Driving with lights on is my choice, set in with the instrument cluster. I think it is safer. A lot of people drive without lights on. When I searched on the internet it seems that from 2011 it is manditory that the new car's have DayTime Running Light. It is a while back I got my drivers license.
  9. 2003 e500 front low beam light problem

    W211 E-Class
    That bulb was replaced before I bought the car three years ago. You never know who and how the bulb was installed. they are fragile.
  10. 2003 e500 front low beam light problem

    W211 E-Class
    Mine right bulb ("Dipped beam, right" message) burnt out last week. Replaced the bulb and no problem. Because of the colour difference I changed left and right. I was afraid for the ballast, because it needs more then a simple bulb change. In other words, the bulbs do burn out. I drive always...
  11. Turn signal switch

    W211 E-Class
    Sorry for the late response. I do not know the exact costs any more, but some where around 150 - 200 Euro's. (I can check it later this week, but I quess that is to late) Part number on the old one: A 000 464 05 18.
  12. Turn signal switch

    W211 E-Class
    "turning steering wheel it makes clicking noise" sounds familiar to me. Can not post a picture because the part is at work. A plastic pin that resets the turn signal switch to center was broken. Made clicking noise. Jumped some times from right signal to left signal. Just a warning that it...
  13. Turn signal switch

    W211 E-Class
    I do not know your issue, but mine had also issue's. The turn signal switch did not return to center and made a lot of noise at the return point. In my case that was not the switch but the ring behind it. This is for the electrical connection between car and steering wheel and returing the turn...
  14. What is this box at the boot trunck

    Audio & Telematics Forum
    As far as I know it is the: Park Distance Control unit.
  15. W211 E55 AMG Engine Flush DIY? Please help

    W211 E-Class
    I know somebody who flushes motors with automatic drive oil. Put automatic drive oil in Run it stantionary for a while, and press the pedal sometimes And after that a normal oil change. But if this is good for your motor???