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  • MrE230 ·

    I have a 1996 E230 W210.

    Whenever I turn my A/C runs ok for approx 5mins then the fan power fades away even if it is set on 5. Then when I try and move the setting up or down it stays the same.

    My vehicle does not have electronic (digital) display for AC, just for circular knobs to turn for settings.

    What do you think it is? Heater blower resistor?
    Fast960 ·
    Hi Malcolm and thank-you for accepting my friend request :) I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and insight into our cars, it makes the difference in being able to own one or not :) Many Cheers, David
    nanu13 ·
    Thanks for your reply to my post.

    I know its asking a lot but is there a chance you would check the compatibility on EPC for me? I severely struggle with that thing and spent hours trying to find it myself on there before putting up the post you responded to.

    If you are willing I'd really appreciate it. 00 s430 vin# Wdbng70j5ya078863
    JoefromJersey ·
    I would certainly appreciate the info for the 210 duo valve. How do I get to the wis worksheets you speak of? I have a feeling I may not be done with this.
    turbopete ·
    Hi Malcolm. Ive not been around anywhere for a while much.i hope all is well with you down there, and that both Lilian and yourself are keeping well.
    innovation560 ·

    Would you happen to know where one can obtain a duo valve rebuild kit for the 140s? Or if you have any other suggestions such as sourcing the entire duo valve from somewhere rather than rebuild.

    Thanks in advance.
    majid3 ·
    Hi Television. I noticed some info you posted recently regarding ESP/Steering angle faults.

    I have a 99 W210 E55 and the ESP light is on and the ESP fuse (fuse 11 under back seat) keeps blowing. The star machine read C1140-016 N49. However i removed the steering angle sensor and the fuse still blows. It blows even without the key in the ignition.

    I have had the car for a couple of years and no ESp faults before. it was parked up, the battery went dead. After this the ESP light came on but I was able to reset it by steering lock to lock. After a few days it came back on and now does not reset and the fuse keeps blowing.

    Do you have any tips or advice please?
    hash_z4 ·
    Hey TV thanks alot with your help decoding that vin for me! I did end up buying that car and now am looking at two more. Would it be possible for you to decode another one for me? Im just an enthusiast who and I can't get enough of these things. Hope to hear from you. Regards Khan

    VIN : WDB1400332A295788
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