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  • ogaooga ·
    hi mate: u r prob the only one in the world that can advice me:

    i own a 2000 sl 500 r129 just like yours shape wise interior wise and engine wise .
    i been looking to install kleemann super charge
    i have no idea where to start besides ordering it online with will cost 10 000 dollars
    besides that i dont know anything lol
    i understand i have to ut an inter-cooler too right? is there any other modification i have to do? like brakes or suspensions?
    after u installed the super charge did u feel much of a difference i mean this will cost me about 20 000 dollars in full....the diffrence i will feel driving will it be worth it?

    keep in mind i live in kuwait and its hot here,, did u have any problems with high car temp after u installed the super? currently i have no probs at all... u can reply to me here or to my email at [email protected] :) i cant wait to read ur reply. thanx a bunch.
    iambenz ·
    hi i saw your amg bumper great work i want to buy one but just wanted to know do they come with the fog lights or do you buy those seprate also where can i get the bumper and fog lights thanks alot great looking car
    Capoholgi ·
    Hy, i am a R129 Owner from Germany.
    I have seen your car in this forum, thats absolutly amasing - unbelievable. I will take at next year a SL500 silver arrow to germany. An than, i will built the original charger from the SL55 AMG (R230). Why do you take an other charger also the original from mercedes?

    Regards Holger
    STEFAN V8 ·
    Hy man, amazing car you built. Just now I finished reading the 88 page thread Supercharger-makeover, so i passed to Long Tube Headers, Power and Fun At the Track. But for the M117 no threads with mods ?
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