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  • Frankla ·
    I need the trunk handle and mechanism attached to it. It has 2 vac lines attached to it. Also the latch in the trunk lid, is attached to the mechanism.
    Trav696 ·
    are the rotors cross drilled? pads are ceramic i take it. I apologize for not doing research before contacting you. Im also interested in the amp but I can get a warranteed rebuild for the same price. I may need speakers but thats yet to be determined where are you located? if you have a second and the package isnt sealed send me a picture of the rotors
    I would also be interested in back up rod caps hood ornament if its in perfect shape and driver side wiper arm, and headlights. Any hook on wheel bearings tie rods or ball joints I only ask because you have a brand new complete set of brakes
    MB0127 ·
    Hi Tackleberry,

    Just wondering if your S420 parts are still available for sale and I like to have your working items:

    - throttle body
    - ECU module - 017 545 4432
    - front left interior mirror cover (if its dark grey)
    - front middle compartment with cover
    - full set of wiper system with motor
    - rear passenger ac blower cover with adjusting angle switch
    - left & right exterior folding mirror set with cables & motor

    Pls help to contact me at [email protected] with pricing, thanks!
    ansharp ·
    I saw on your post back in August of this year, that you almost had your hands on a grey E320 that you were then going to part out. My girlfriend unfortunately got in a car accident a few weeks ago in her 1998 black e320. It does run, but it has a damaged radiator among other things on the front end. Car was running perfectly and was maintained by her boss, a former certified Mercedes mechanic. I see that you have lots of contacts on here and could easily sell parts. What would be the price range for you for this vehicle?? We are located in the greater Denver area. Please let me know if you are interested. We are real, this is not some scam. Sorry your previous deal in August went south.

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