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  • A1EK ·
    You may find its enough and you dont need to adjust the other side. IF not then do the other side and it should be just perfect.
    PS I've added a lip spoiler to me boot lid and just this small extra weight has stopped my boot lid popping up so I'll need to do the same as you. !

    Good luck let me know if you figure it out.
    A1EK ·

    IF its the W208 CLK you have then its not hard to do. You dont have to remove the whol lining in fact you just need to pull a part of the lining down a little and you will see the spring. Looking at the boot, on the left or right side start at the top in the and just pull towards the inside of the boot. You should find its held in with a metal clip that is attached to the lip where the rubber gasket fits (Sometimes this gets rusty and its worth cleaning up).
    IF you get a torch have a look just underneath shelf of the boot at the top, you'll notice a small plastic 'push rivet' You can pull this out and it will allow the liner to move. Now you should see the spring and you'll notice the few different holes that the spring end is attached too. To make the boot lid pop up quicker by its self simply get some pliers and unlip the spring at the car body and push it to the next hole back and try.
    Danish ·
    Hi. sorry for not replying for so long. Ive been using the iphone app for this forum and it doesnt show these notifications. Yeah I remember that thread. I haven't gotten to that stage of my car modification yet, but I will eventually:thumbsup:. However, as funny as this is Im actually not Danish in terms of ethnicity, but Im actually Afghan. I guess my parents like Danish cookies lol.
    nrphlly ·
    In response: yea bro it learns how much torque we like, how hard we hit the pedal, and how fast we shift to adapt to our aggresive or laidback driving style and help out with better gas mileage.
    SuperChargerE55 ·
    Aha ok like that, smart and also smart the other method I like that, I just tried myself after reading your awesome thread and was also why I had to post some pictures for people to see that your guide is outstanding
    A1EK ·
    The smaller blue ones are for the digital display, indicators , fuel light etc. To get the whiter light, I just increased the wattage of the two main filament bulbs positioned in the center of th dials at the back this gives a whiter light.
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