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  • Stryker-1999 S600 ·
    The sensors are connected to the center console via a wiring harness. If you damage or fail to connect all of your sensors, you'll get a fault warning. Either make the bumper you have that is incorrect work, or save your money and get the right bumper. Or look for the right bumper as a used part. ALL 1997/1998/1999 CL's had the sensors, it was not an option like on the sedan, so you have the wrong bumper on the car to begin with.
    cl-king ·
    hello, i was wondering. after reading this thread, i just bought my cl500 1998 the other day. it had been in an accident and repaired. apparently the shop used a bumprer shell with no sensor places in it. it just has a smooth face. the back bumper looks like a normal sensor/bumper. Can I avoid having the front bumper operate in sensor mode and just use rear backup protection? the front bumper alone is a grand.
    allnpt0 ·
    I was actually able to find the answer. If you turn your key to the run position without starting the car, the throttle bodies do hum. I happen to have a 1993 600SEL that uses the same EGAS module. I went over my harness completely twice. It is perfect. I got two sets of throttle bodies when I bought the car. The nicest looking set is actually the worst set. So in goes the rougher looking set, still no go with the original EGAS module. I put the one in from my 600SEL and bingo! The car runs and I can give it throttle now. The next problem I now have is I thinke the cats are stopped up. I tried to put Mega Squirt after market fuel injection on the car. It never ran right. I think it ran too rich and the excess fuel ruined the cats. I understand your concerns about rewiring a harness. I have a background in electronics and am currently a automotive tech with 20+ years experience. Thanks again for your input.

    allnpt0 ·
    Hi Stryker, my name is Pete Allen. You've probably seen me post on here some. Anyways I have a question/favor to ask. I have been rewiring my harness for some time now due to the previous owner of my 95 S600 Coupe removing most of the computers. I've got the car running now, but it only idles. I was wondering on your 95 Coupe if the throttle bodies hummed while the key is on and the car not running. The previous owner may have messed up the EGAS module on mine. When I turn the key on I hear a few relays click then it is silent. I appreciate your help. Thanks,

    Mercedes>Bmw ·
    Hey Stryker I'm going to use the pics from that restoration thread unless you want to get me different pics, Its up to you. I want to get the pics done by tommorow and I should submit the site by friday and post it online. Thanks
    Kimchi ·
    Thanks for your feedback...appreciate the input.

    I had already spoken with 2 MB dealerships and was told for the '94 S500 Coupe there are 2 motor mounts and 1 tranny mount. Again, thanks for your follow up to my original thread. Fred
    Stryker-1999 S600 ·
    Yes, it is the 3100. Excellent system. I had it professionally installed so that all features of the old (analog) phone system could be used. It works great!
    Tony_S600 ·

    I have a 1995 S600 sedan, and want to get a Parrot system just like yours. Did you get the CK3100? Please tell me how you did it.
    Stryker-1999 S600 ·
    I DO! I had it professionally installed, as they worked with what was already in the car, got everything to work perfectly and it works flawlessly! I was able to use all the existing speakers and cables and head unit of the radio to coordinate with the Parrot 3100 system. Highly recommend it!!
    quakercity ·
    Stryker - Do you have any more info on the Parrot system? Did you do it yourself or have someone do it for you? Did you plug in to the phone cable that is in the cavity where the Parrot rests?
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